Italian cuisine in the style of high-tech - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Italian cuisine in the style of high-tech - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineAccording to the designers, if you wish to have in your house a modern kitchen, it is best to apply the high-tech style - the style of metal and glass, high technology and constructivism.For the interior of hi-tech is characterized by the use in the decoration of the most modern materials. Common materials are glass, metal (these materials in the decoration of the room are basic), concrete, stone, natural wood. The complete absence of the interior design in the style of high tech is compensated by the work material (the play of light on glass, the Shine of the chrome-plated tubes, rods and polished metal surfaces), demonstrates the high quality plastics, light alloys, new composite materials, non-ferrous shiny and transparent surfaces (acrylic ceilings, crosspieces).Italian kitchen truly unique. Combining traditional emotionality and original design, Italian cuisine able to fit in almost any apartment, whether it is a modern city apartments or luxury private homes. As you know, kitchen is not only a place of cooking, it is also a symbol of home. That is why Italian furniture is created on the basis of modern engineering developments and innovative art making.The modern layout of the apartments is often not possible to accommodate luxury kitchens from Italy, the kit which includes a chic tables, display cases and chairs. In this case we recommend to pay attention to the universal Italian cuisine, compactness and practicality. Similar Italian kitchen furniture perfectly zoned space, allowing you to place all of the furnishings in accordance with the principles of ergonomics. Italian kitchen furniture in light colors visually expand the space and accentuate a cozy atmosphere.Relevant today high-tech made modernist cuisine popular among young people, which houses prefer to drink a Cup of coffee and build a sandwich. Italian furniture in this style is widely used aluminum. His silvery shimmer can be found on the facades, and on poles, and even on the countertops. Effectively look elite cuisine of Italy with powder coated of the metal in the dining area (legs and backs of chairs, the edges of the tables). Kitchen furniture Italy would not be itself if not combined seemingly incongruous. So the Shine of metal in the kitchen is enhanced with natural wood, which begins to seem more warm and soft. Therefore, even super food keep your home warmth and comfort.Stainless steel is also used in furniture design Italy. Polished to a mirror finish, polished or matte — it is present in all models of Italian cuisine. It should be noted that the last treatment option furniture Italy is very practical: it is not noticeable fingerprints and water droplets.street Demekhina, 27The salon of Italian furniture "Canti".

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