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Insured? PAY! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineDuring January–February insurers 20-30% raised tariffs on the hull. Overpay is necessary not only to drivers, making new policies, but customers...Financial crisis: it's time to pay extra for insuranceDuring January–February insurers 20-30% raised tariffs on the hull. Overpay is necessary not only to drivers, making new policies, but customers with insurance arms. The UK send to the policyholders, "chain letters", which proposed to pay for the hull.Hull addsAccording to the calculations of financiers, two months of 2009, the average tariff on motor hull insurance increased from 5-6% to 6-8% of the cost of the machine, maximum up to 10%. The main reason for the increase was the growth of the dollar and the Euro against the hryvnia in October–December 58.4% and 56.1%, respectively, in January–February - 12.5%, 3.85%. "Because of this, prices in UAH for auto parts and machine," says Director of motor insurance IC "NOVA" Maxim of Stanev. However, rates have affected and local problems of the UK."In recent years has aggravated competition in the banking insurance and car loans, that is currently provided by only a few banks, issued by 1-2% per annum cheaper than before. For banks this is a marketing ploy under joint programs with dealers, but for the UK - the reason for the tariff increase. These 1-2% at the signing of cooperation agreements with the Bank undertake to pay the insurers, and therefore they lay in their tariffs on the hull," said in an interview with "DS" Deputy Chairman of one of the Kiev SK. "No less important reason for the price increase - the situation in the field of auto insurance. Last year, small companies are actively dumped: average market rates were at the level of 4-4. 5% of the value of the car, and so now they have to increase", - said General Director of "QBE Ukraine" Oleg Sosnowski.The main feature of the current price rise hull - the revision of payments not only new, but also in the old Treaty. "We appeal to customers with letters, offer to pay for previously issued insurance. They contained a proposal to increase the insurance amount on the basis of the new car cost (new dollar or Euro)", - said the Director of insurance of IC "Nasta" Sergei Parfenyuk. The reason is the same as that in the first case, the rise in price of the insured car in the hryvnia equivalent due to the rise in the exchange rate."Increasingly, the repair of the car with moderate damage, the account exceeds one HUNDRED of the contract is the sum insured. Then, according to the rules, the car can not be repaired and acknowledges the fact of his total loss with the appropriate insurance indemnity payment", - said Vice-Chairman of the JSIC "INGO Ukraine" Alexander michalenko.Insurers stress that the Supplement for the extension of the coverage is voluntary. But if the driver refuses to increase the sum insured, then the accident he only covered part of the damage: according to financiers, about 70-75% of insurance contracts give them that opportunity. "If the sum insured is less than the actual value of the car, the payment will be reduced proportionally.For example, the insured amount is 100 thousand UAH. the market value of the car at the current exchange rate of the hryvnia - UAH 200 thousand.: if the damage is at the level of 10 thousand UAH. the client will only be able to get 5 thousand Most of our contracts with customers allow us to apply such a conversion scheme," explained the underwriter of Allianz Ukraine" Alexander Yaremenko."This is not everywhere. For example, in our company it is used only if the difference between the insured amount and the actual cost of the car exceeds 20%", - added the head of motor insurance IC "Ukrainian insurance group" Vadim Alekseenko. Insurers claim that in case of a rollback of the hryvnia to the old position they will return clients overpaid for the policies."Refunded part of the payment for the remaining period of the contract, which will deduct the cost of doing business - about 20% of the payment amount," said Alekseenko.All goes to the banksHowever, letters and exhortations financiers until prompted drivers to queue to pay for the hull. We want to stir up customers, insurers have begun to resort to various tricks. "If the policyholder is in the hands of an expensive insurance policy with no deductible, for comprehensive cover, it can translate to cheaper options: to add a franchise to clean up an impressive list of risks - and thus to increase the coverage. We encourage customers to make an agreement", - said the "DS" head of the Supervisory Board of IC "Insurance traditions" Dmitry Goncharov.According to experts, during January–February for the hull to pay extra mostly owners of credit cars. The reason is simple: they pressured banks whose car is collateral - usually in such cases customers are threatening penalties (they can reach the NBU discount rate - 12% of the payment), and increased lending rates. The interest of the creditor is illustrated not only the care but also financial benefits: the Bank has recently become the beneficiary of insurance claims. The situation comes to the point of absurdity: the driver of car repairs at your own expense and a refund from the UK wins the pot (it is credited as an early repayment of the loan)."Before, the requirement of acceptance of the insurance indemnity to the Bank as repayment of the loan was done in the case of total damage or theft of, or failure by the borrower of the terms of a loan agreement. Now 99% of the funds transferred to the Bank", - explained the head of Department of coordination of transport insurance risks the insurance company "Generali Garant" Oleg Cerniuk.The opportunity to receive at least a portion of the insurance payment now only those who have contracts provide for its calculation by the method of Audatex (usually by her count less than the standard scheme). "The client can fix the car on the agreed with the UK one HUNDRED for your money. After confirmation of payment for the repair in accordance with the invoice SC agrees to indemnify the insured for the difference between the amount paid by the Bank (based on the examination certificate) and the full cost of repair of the machine," explained Oleg Cerniuk.Soon the insurers do not hope for the revitalization of drivers: according to various estimates, up to the end of the first half for their insurance policies will pay no more than 30-35% of customers who received letters IC (in January–February it ventured no more than 10-15% of the insured). However, the UK intend to raise tariffs on the hull.

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