DEBT DEFAULT is RED... what a Chernovetsky?! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

DEBT DEFAULT is RED... what a Chernovetsky?! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineIn the time of troubles Leonid Chernovetsky and his associates will be able to earn good money on the Kiev real estate...The new tariffs will help the mayor get richHousing inventory taken by Leonid Chernovetsky during the management of the capital, let him after the resignation to become the main agent of Kiev. The tariff increase will only accelerate this processRecently the mayor of Moscow visited several progressive ideas, the implementation of which will supposedly allow Kiev to improve the living conditions and the city to partially solve the problem of the debt of the population for utilities. In the time of troubles Leonid Chernovetsky and his associates will be able to earn good money on the Kiev real estateDEBT DEFAULT IS REDThe first intention of the Kiev city administration to involve the collection of debts for housing and communal services of debt collection companies in December last year, said first Deputy Chairman of Kyiv city state administration Anatoliy Holubchenko, while adding that the service reservoirs will cost 15-20% of the size of the debt. "It's the only way for the companies - suppliers of utility bills to get your money, to be able to pay for the consumed gas and energy. However, this process may complicate too much the number of participants, positions which need to be matched, - "Kyivenergo", "Kyivvodokanal", housing organizations, directly to the population and the collector, ' said Holubchenko.In the city hall long thought about how to solve the problem of coherence, but at the same time managed to upgrade the idea. In late January, Leonid Chernovetsky said that the issue of attracting collectors to maturity of public debt is almost solved. And announced that the sloppy payers, the city will offer to move in apartments smaller area, and due to the difference in the cost of housing will be repaid the debt.The collection company is not the first year help the municipalities of European cities to maintain payment discipline. However, skeptics believe that in this situation, capital boss simply wants to crank out large-scale housing Scam, hiding behind international practice.According to the interlocutor "k:" from the Main Directorate of housing in the capital, who asked to remain anonymous, exchanging an apartment housing a smaller area on account of repayment of debts on housing and communal services, city, likely to manipulate their value. For example, to count it, focusing not on market rates and the carrying amount and residual value (now carrying amount-bedroom Khrushchev does not exceed 10 thousand UAH.). In addition, the housing reserve Fund, which, obviously, will be given in return, in fact, may be of little use for life. By and large the people of Kiev, who are unable to pay for the apartment in which they live now, and can choose to replace them with more modest. That will allow them to pay off existing debts and in the future not to accumulate new ones. This is the way to get rid of debt, but not participate in questionable city programs and are advised to elect experts.Opportunities for abuse skeptics saw the initiative of the municipality to involve the elimination of the debt of the population before the public utilities collection office. Director of the collection company's Internal Executive service" Catherine Scricca saw this scheme of transferring money in payment for services structures close to the city authorities. "The current legislation does not allow to provide quality services to repay the debt for utilities. Since the collector has no authority to evaluate and sell the debtor's property to repay the debt. The format of the services of the collector is limited to banal notifying the debtor of the existence of the debt, the work with him in court. Even if the case is won, then the debtor's property State Executive service, which is not able in certain terms (six months) to perform at least 3% of the total weight charged to the Executive documents of the debts of individuals and legal entities," explains Catherine Scricca.100% NAVARARecently, mayoral team has labored another idea: to organize a mass exchange owned citizens property on the first floor of the apartment, including a larger area, but on the upper floors. Vacated the premises are used for offices and shops. Moreover, this initiative is even embodied in the order of the Kyiv city state administration on 16 January 2009. The city authorities instructed the heads of housing organizations to conduct outreach to residents of the apartments on the first floors on the benefits they will receive from moving, and obliged the Main housing to provide the KSCA for approval a list of apartments with improved layout, which can be offered for exchange.This innovation is again introduced solely for the benefit of the people of Kiev: the troubled residents of the first floor will get a good apartment, and representatives of the city business opportunity in the crisis to move from expensive offices and shops in a more cost-effective premises. Skeptics, and there beheld the catch.According to the head of sales of apartments in the company's "Trajectory" Alexander Onischuk, at the moment of the apartments on the first floor, translated in uninhabited Fund with legalized redevelopment, there are at least 2-2. 5 times more than similar accommodation on the upper floors. For example, if the "two-room apartment with total area of 45 to 48 m2 on the ground floor in Obolon is estimated at $70-75 thousand, the same apartment, but translated in uninhabited Fund with legalized redevelopment, worth about $160-200 thousand three Bedroom apartments, say, footage of 80 m2 on the street Uritskogo (Solomenskiy district) sold for $120-150 thousand, similar accommodation ibid., prepared for commercial exploitation, is offered for $250-270 thousand "the Transfer of premises from residential to non-residential costs from $15 thousand to $50 thousand depending on the area the availability of communications, the possibility to complete a separate entry and the number of alterations. Homeowners on the first floor are in a position favorable exchange your apartment for more comfortable. The proposed city program is designed primarily for those who have no opportunity to carry out all necessary actions to sell your apartment more expensive, i.e. pensioners and people on low incomes. Considering that the Kiev city administration, the transfer of apartments in uninhabited Fund will be worth "a penny" or nothing at all cost, the earnings of the city on this program may exceed 100%," concludes Alexander Onischuk.Moreover, there is no doubt that translated into non-residential apartment fall into the hands of a mediator for the price not much different from its previous value.

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