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Minus a billion... TAKING DEPOSITS! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineAs you know, our man with a finger in your mouth not put, and he'll take your arm! The same thing happened with the deposits. Seeing that easy...Compromises banks: taking money from the DepositSince the adoption of resolution No. 319, which imposed a ban on early termination of Deposit agreements, it has been more than three months. And during this time, experts have not reached consensus. On the one hand, this decision is illegitimate, on the other - only thanks to him, commercial banks received formal grounds to refuse service to any early return of the Deposit.As you know, our man with a finger in your mouth not put, and he'll take your arm! The same thing happened with the deposits. Seeing that is not easy to give money with Deposit advance, banks went on, refusing to return the money even after expiry of the Deposit agreements. The problem of non-repayment of deposits swept to the President. Viktor Yushchenko called the actions of banking institutions "unacceptable" and demanded that the NBU to take action against the "at fault" banks. For starters, the head of NBU Volodymyr Stelmakh should make a list of financial institutions that allow non-return or late return of funds in violation of the terms of the Deposit agreements.Compiling such a list should not cause special difficulties are complaints about unreliable banks have about every third site, and almost all online forums. Let's pay tribute to compatriots – they don't wait until Stelmach "make a list", and Yushchenko will punish all in order. They are trying to return the deposits themselves and sharing their experiences – good and not so good.So, what you need to take to return blood? The answer to this simple question figured out.Minus a billionAfter the January Prime Minister Tymoshenko promises to take money from banks unprecedented quickness showed local authorities. According to the Association of Ukrainian banks by the end of the month, local officials withdrew from the deposits of about 1 billion UAH. "The ban refinancing and massive non-performing loan already led to a serious decline in the liquidity of banks, and the withdrawal of money from deposits and does paralyze their work," warned the President of the Association Alexander Sugonyako. The banker completely agree head of the Department of economic and social policies of the National Institute for strategic studies Yaroslav Zhalilo, saying that early withdrawal of deposits in such a large scale finally finish some banks.The first recommendation of the Minister on the withdrawal of deposits was performed by representatives of the regional administration of Zaporozhye region. Just two weeks of January they withdrew deposits of more than 40 million. Similar stories happened in Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk regions. But the Lviv city Council and would be happy to take money from the Deposit, Yes: the local mayor for two months in litigation with the Bank, requiring repayment to the budget of 27 million USD.Secret manualAt the same time, individual investors may not recover their deposits not only early, but after the expiration of the contract. "Approaching joyful moment: it is time to return the Deposit in Bank.... You only need two things: a big empty bag and the consent of the Bank. Asked: today I offer to sign an amendment to contract - extend to six months. Explain by order of the national Bank and physical inability to return the money," shares a personal experience auditor Igor Sabota. According to him, apparently, in the banks understand that failure to return the money illegal, but most likely there is some kind of unspoken manual who should, and who will not.Client experience the capital of banks shows that to return the Deposit, if the Bank for any reason "stubborn". For example, hard-hearted bankers do not act nor the arguments on the fact that people need money for treatment or even help from the hospital that the depositor dies. Experience shows that written applications to the NBU also rarely have the desired effect, and threats don't work.Experienced adviceAnd yet some lucky people claim that they managed to recover their deposits. It turns out that on the way to the cherished goal can be taken a variety of steps:- if one Bank has a loan and a Deposit, you can try to make a settlement;- if the loan is not to try to re-register the Deposit on your friends, who in the same Bank have a loan, and negotiate a refund with them;- make use of an escrow program of the Bank;- upon expiration of the term of the agreement to transfer the Deposit to the current account (money from the card can not be removed, but in the store you can pay);- to write complaints to the NBU, the society of consumer protection, prosecution, etc. (examples of statements can be easily found on forums);- to ensure that the Bank has issued a refusal to issue the Deposit in writing and this document to apply to the court;- apply to lawyers (today lawyers and legal advice vying offer their services in return of deposits).Expert opinionAccording to Maxim Kasyanov, the representative of the informal Association of citizens "Civil defense Committee", in Ukraine there is no single legal mechanism by which banks can not repay depositors their deposits in advance, and even more in time. In t-bills claim that all you have to do the depositor, in order to convince recalcitrant Bank to give in, is to send in the name of the Bank Manager a telegram-notice read:I, Your Bank depositor with a Deposit account No.______, inform You that he intends to terminate the contract № __ dated"__"_______ G. and to receive funds no later than"___" ______ 2009 year, as notified. In the case of non-payment of the amount of the Deposit the dispute will be decided in the prescribed manner, and Your actions will be regarded by me as the acquisition of property by abuse of trust, for which criminalized under article 190 of the criminal code of Ukraine.With respect, _______________The next day with a copy of this telegram to the depositor should be in the Bank. In the event of failure of the financial institution to return the Deposit to prove their case in court is a matter of technique, said Kasyanov."If the Bank introduced a temporary administration, it is necessary to write the application addressed to the Chairman of the management Board of the Bank to return the money earlier. The customer should ensure that the Bank statement was registered, assigned him the inner room, then you should take a copy of the application. If these steps have not yielded results, you can apply to the court, taking into account that the proceedings in the court may take several months," advises financial analyst of the investment company Astrum Investment Management Jaroslav Stetsik. If the Bank introduced a temporary administration, chances to get money to complete a six-month moratorium on satisfaction of creditors ' claims even after the period of virtually no Deposit."To say that to withdraw the Deposit, including early, unrealistic, impossible: it all depends on the particular situation and a particular Bank," agrees the General Director of asset management company "Ineko-invest" Oleg Carrots. According to him, if the Bank is in a satisfactory financial condition, and certain restrictions are made only by resolution No. 319, you may wish to try to get your money back. "You can take a variety of steps – from finding the "right connections" in the Bank prior to the making of complaints to the authorities", - said the expert, adding that banks and to customers is more profitable to compromise in disputable situations, rather than to bring the case to court.However, it may be that the situation in the Bank is much more serious and the money is not issued for the simple reason that there are problems with liquidity.

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