Is it possible to find a job?! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Is it possible to find a job?! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineBut to find a job without...To find a job will be even harderIn January, the Internet was placed in 1.7 times more jobs than in December. But to find a job not easier. The state has found a way to save on fired employees.In the first half of January, the labor market showed little activity. In the period from 20 December to 7 January new resume or jobs almost was not published. The situation has revived after the holidays, the end of the month. However, the majority of vacancies advertised by employers with the aim to test the waters or update their own database of applicants. The most difficult in January to find a job logisticians, secretaries and marketers.A negative ratioUnlike December, January was marked by the increase in the number of job offers in almost all directions. However, market experts are in no hurry to regard this trend as a signal to exit from the crisis. We can say that employers knowingly expose "inanimate" proposals for work to compile a database of potential employees or to find experts cheaper. Human resources specialists some companies do not hide the fact that, posting jobs, form a personnel reserve, informing about vacancies that are not open at the moment", - says Tatiana Topchiy, Director of marketing and PR HeadHunter Ukraine.Despite the growth proposals in January remained the dynamics of separation in the ratio between the number of posted vacancies and resume. Many vacancies number summary is several times higher than the number of job offers. There is interest in highly qualified specialists. Demand for staff with experience of 1-3 years almost none.As noted by topchy, the average number of applications for a single job in January amounted to 33 people. In October, for the sentence has responded twice less - 16. "For some professions, such as marketing, the average number of responses to one sentence may reach 150," says topchy.The most active in January tried to find a job sales managers (2.8 thousand new or updated summary), specialists in the field of logistics and transport (1.6 thousand), and secretaries (1.5 thousand). Rapidly growing number of job seekers in the hospitality business and tourism, marketing, and journalism. Just according to in January on the portal hosted over 20 thousand new summary. For comparison, in December, the figure was 15.2 thousand.A large number of unemployed marketers and journalists, representatives of recruiting companies is explained by the decline in sales in the advertising market. How is the PR Manager of the company "Ukrnet" Nikolay Timoshenko, due to lower promotional activity began mass layoffs on television, in the press and advertising agencies. Due to the reduction of advertising budgets many of the media reduced the staff, and some media have closed altogether.At the same time, the ratio between the number of resumes and open positions of specialists on public relations minor. The number of resumes only 1.2 times more than the available vacancies. Tymoshenko is this fact that explains the shift of companies from advertising to PR. "Because of the economic crisis, many companies do not have the financial ability to carry out expensive advertising campaigns and replaced with advertising and public relations, which costs them much cheaper," he says.Salary will be in UAHUnstable dollar exchange rate leads to the fact that more and more companies in their proposals are switching to hryvnia.According to HeadHunter, in January, 60% of vacancies salary specified in dollars, 39% in UAH and 1% - in euros. For comparison, in early 2008, when the exchange rate was stable for up to 95% of vacancies salary was nominated in dollars.According topchy, some companies indicates the salary in dollars almost by inertia. "In conversation with the candidate, usually reported wages in UAH. This suggests that the trend of the transfer of wages in the hryvnia will continue," she said.If we talk about the sizes of the salary, they are already a month is a drop in dollars (declared at the rate of 5), and in hryvnia. Compared with December rose offered salary only accountants, lawyers, linguists and specialists in the field of construction.

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