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Want to SAVE YOUR MONEY? We know how! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineIn a situation when prices are rising daily, and income stability becomes very dim, have to learn to live a new life...How to save savings from the crisisTheoretically, if you sit down on bread and water, for example, French baguette and "Borjomi", you can survive the crisis. But somehow it seems that the descendants are unlikely to appreciate this act of the mighty victory of the spirit over the body (well, body).In a situation when prices are rising daily, and income stability becomes very dim, have to learn to live a new life, to reshape the family budget, to save, and set a completely new goal. How to go to unusual lifestyles, with minimal losses? We will try to understand.Do you have a plan?The first thing to take the family budget under control. If you still haven't started planning their financial lives, is now becoming more relevant than ever. Because in order to cut costs, we first need to understand how actually spent your money.Suggest splitting all the costs into several categories in order of importance: primary, which includes spending on housing and utilities, food, car allowance, if work get away, medical care. Loan commitments will also be a priority, as otherwise the Bank will begin to accrue penalties that would not be conducive to savings. Next we form the group of less important expenditures, but without which life is also not very comfortable. It can be payment for fitness classes, hair salon, mobile. Then the band is even less important expenses such as cinemas, restaurants, taxi rides. And so while all the costs are not spread by groups.Such an approach would not be without funds for food at the end of the month, spend the entire lion's share of the budget for entertainment and unplanned purchases.Many perceive saving as a denial and limitation. Naturally, this attitude causes a storm of negative emotions and stress. As a consequence of the reluctance to plan, read and save to yourself. Want to offer a different perspective.Remember what a nice feeling you experience when you are able to bargain in the market for their favourite thing at least hryvnia (don't worry, we won't tell)... And you don't take it as savings, but on the contrary even boast about, like, that's what I done, was able to pay less. If you look at the situation of the financial crisis at the same angle - not save and pay less then this process can become quite exciting with benefits for your personal pocket.HousingSave on primary cost hard - utilities fixed and the amount of rent stated in the contract. But if you have to live in a rented apartment, is to find housing closer to their place of work, and then not have to spend money on transportation.FoodFood is too important an element to trim yourself diet. Moreover, from an economic point of view, it can be expensive - then have to spend money on drugs, and they are rising faster than products.The diet should not suffer in any case, because it's winter, which means the body needs more energy to maintain vital functions. At the same time, food in the family budget often takes an average of 50-55% of total income. How can that be? It's very simple. Save on PACKAGING!Sugar purchased in bulk will be cheaper than those Packed, and the quality is not worse. The same can be said of cereals. Making bulk purchases for the week can save up to 15%. And if you make a list of necessary, if not more, as this will avoid emotional purchases. Be surprised, but the fact is under the influence of your own emotions you're making about 75% of all their purchases.AnimalsThere is a sense of their Pets, too, to encourage savings. And instead of having to buy imported canned goods, cooking them cereal that will also save the family budget.TransportTransport can save if you buy a pass, and one or two stops, who previously rode the bus, walking. Taxi now - a luxury. Use only in extreme cases when there is a question of life and death, or of work and dismissal. Because the source of income to lose does not.ClothingShoes and clothes you can buy with discounts up to 70%, if you don't chase the latest novelties of the season, and to prefer timeless classics. After all, last year's collection of even the most famous brands are much cheaper.EntertainmentNot necessarily completely abandon entertainment, but the cost should be reconsidered. So, on weekdays or on a weekend morning prices for all the entertainment is much lower. Having planned a trip to warmer climes, you can save at least 50%, if you move it to the end of January. As the new year period the prices of all the tours go up to 2-2,5 times.But if you don't use all provided in five star hotel services, including tennis courts, Golf course and squash courts, SPA centres, then you can safely take 4*, which will subtract a little more banknotes from spending an unforgettable holiday.LoansThere is a widespread belief that in periods of high inflation need to borrow, as inflation eats up the interest. Probably in memory come alive nineties, when hyperinflation and devaluation of the national currency literally destroyed not only the cost of interest on the loan, but the loan. However, I have to destroy this myth, because inflation in the size to us, thank God, not threatened, and the massive collapse of the financial system, which means the bills will have to pay. And even in conditions of very high price increases, inflation decreases not only the interest on the loan, but bites off a considerable fraction from the hard-earned and so each even.In addition, carefully study the hardware, in this case the credit agreement. Banks often stipulate in the loan agreements, the possibility of increasing interest rates unilaterally. So I want to warn lovers of loans from reckless behavior - before you take out a loan, count 7 times their ability to pay, so as not to get into debt, especially now, when the great possibility of a reduction of wages or job loss.What's the point?At least this approach will give an opportunity to survive until the next replenishment of the family budget in a constantly changing currency and price situation without serious loss. And this is a real chance to survive the crisis. If you manage to save so that it will be for investment, it will be possible to buy up the fallen in price shares that ever again will rise in price. Or buy spiral dollars. And maybe to buy a property, after that the prices will collapse. And, eventually, earn a fortune. It's no wonder it was after crises appears a considerable number of millionaires, which would later become billionaires.

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