In Europe know a lot about technology for home - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

In Europe know a lot about technology for home - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineManufacturers are constantly working on functional richness and energy-saving technologies. Consider just some of them.Scandinavian refrigerator manufacturersElectrolux is one of the oldest brands that appeared in 1919 and later gave the name of transnational corporations.The developers carry out a detailed study of customers ' demands, and therefore can confidently judge the relevance of different features, tastes and preferences. When creating models of refrigerators the company cares about the quality and safety of life, health of the consumer. In Electrolux refrigerators were first introduced household refrigeration units technology absorption cooling process.A distinctive feature of Electrolux refrigerators is the original design. Among the models of this manufacturer you can find a refrigerator that resembles the shape of a penguin. Widely used various kinds of wood baskets and shelves of refrigerators, calf leather to finish door handles.The design of the refrigerator, allows the owner to reschedule the inner space of the refrigerating chamber and participate in the creation of optimal conditions for the storage of any products.Electrolux targeted to different sectors of the market of household freezer technique, but because of the proposed range, you can choose a functional model of fridge of any level of complexity. On time of service and reliability coolers from this manufacturer win among their counterparts.Electrolux manufactures compressors, both for their own products, and for the Assembly of refrigerators other prestigious brands.Refrigerator manufacturers from ItalyOn the market of equipment for the home there is the oldest brand Zanussi, the history of which originates in the Italian city of Pordenone in 1916. Originally Officina Fumisteria Antonio Zanussi engaged in the manufacture of stoves and furnaces. Focus on quality, ease of use and accessibility of an ordinary family has paid for itself. The concept of development of the company resulted in the slogan "Design and innovation". These words were not just a slogan. Zanussi developers decided to provide the housewife with all necessary kitchen appliances. In 1954 the company produced the first refrigerator, which was adapted to the hot climate of Italy. The technology, which was developed by the unit, is called the Tropic System, and more than a decade was the best among European manufacturers of freezer equipment. The emergence of new models is preceded by the work of technical and design center, systematizing the shortcomings of commercially available equipment for the home, given the claims and wishes of buyers.First refrigerator Zanussi enters the market in 1958. This large unit was equipped with a variety of modes of cooling and defrosting system.Marketers Zanussi was able to correctly guess what the fridge will be in demand in the coming decades. This refrigerating chamber capable of like a pantry to store chilled foods. And freezers for long term storage. And standard refrigerators with freezer small size. And the combination in one unit the functions of cooling and freezing (using two independent compressors). As well as models with three or more cameras for different purposes.Already in the early 60-ies predicted the success of embedded appliances. Zanussi able to use the space a very small kitchen with its recessed or suspended refrigerators.In 1984 Zanussi company entered the Swedish company AB Electrolux. The consumer from this merger will benefit. Zanussi developers concerned with the problem of environmental protection, as a result, were issued refrigerators that are not harmful to the ozone layer refrigerants used floridan and isobutane.Under the brand Zanussi refrigerators are available in different power levels, due to the high electricity prices in Europe. Continues to focus on the issue of embedded models.On the Ukrainian market Zanussi appliances appeared in 1997. The offered range is able to satisfy any taste. Professional, intelligent, reasonable price Zanussi refrigerators are appreciated by buyers.Italian Candy company present on the market of household appliances since 1945. Today the company operates factories in addition to Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and the UK.The group argues: "Harmony, balance, prosperity - these are the things that make our world more beautiful". This principle is used in the manufacture of refrigerators. The developers are improving the control and temperature distribution. For example, the Turbo Cold provides immediate recovery of temperature after opening the door. Located in the upper part of the freezer generator produces a continuous circulation of cold air, allowing for more uniform distribution of temperature inside the refrigerator, including side shelves.The new system Multibox allows the owner to use the useful area of the refrigerator with maximum efficiency. The inner side of the refrigerating chamber door is equipped with a practical containers of different sizes, which can be easily removed, they can be used as tableware.Designers Candy, developing new models, remember that the refrigerator should not just like, but also to become a significant thing for the owner, emphasizing the common style of housing. To fridge Candy can be placed in any room, take into account not only aesthetic parameters, the unit is almost inaudible due to the perfect sound-proofing system.Refrigerator manufacturers SloveniaIn 1950, the European household appliance market has a new name - Gorenje. It is in the Slovenian village of Gorenje opened the plant, which initially engaged in the production of agricultural equipment. In 1958 the company produced the first kitchen stove. Already in 1961, the plate was exported to Germany, and quite liked the German Housewives.In 1968 the line kitchen appliances Gorenje has been supplemented with modern models of refrigerators. Great job strategists and marketers of the company was reflected in the further development of the range of appliances and allowed us to reach not only beyond the borders of Slovenia, but also to maintain their position in the market and after the partition of Yugoslavia. Moreover, in the 80-ies of the company Gorenje entered a large number of small diversified producers. Such integration has turned in a solid Gorenje concern with the development of household appliances, but also furniture design, restaurant and hotel business, and even cars and instrumentation. Engineering group Gorenje ceases to improve technology, in accordance with the latest standards. As an example, we can mention a new "brutal" testing technology taken from the defense industry - thermovisual control.Talent industrial designers is also a powerful advantage of the Gorenje group. So, for example, design and interior fittings of refrigerator Gorenje admired not only Housewives, but also among specialists. But on the visual effect of the dignity of Gorenje refrigerators are not over. All models of cabinets do not contain substances that Deplete the ozone layer. Inside the freezer there is an electronic control system temperatures. And if the owner of the refrigerator often opens the door, a built-in "intelligence" will adjust the internal temperature to a predetermined parameter, and the products will not lose their freshness. Special fan, mounted in the ceiling of the refrigerating chamber distributes the air, and blows the top and bottom shelves. Antibacterial silver coating of the inner walls of Gorenje refrigerators are a reliable barrier to bacteria, extending the shelf life of products.In refrigerators Gorenje spacious doors, with a wide variety of holders, containers, shelves.

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