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Profitable investments - GOOD WORK! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineNo luck also last month – quite unexpectedly - holders of savings in the banking gold...Far better to invest your money?Pleased in March 2009 for the second month in a row inflation, continuing its decline to 1.4% (inflation in January and 2.9% in February to 1.5%). The consumer price index for the three months amounted 105,9% writes ientercrdit.The recovery of the banking systemDecreased inflation in March and in annual terms (the corresponding month of the previous year) - 18,1%. In February of this year this figure amounted to 20.9 per cent, in January to 22.3 per cent.The producer price index of industrial output last month was also lower than February and amounted 101,1% (in January – 100,2%, in February – 101,8%). The producer price index of industrial production for the three months of 2009 – 103,1%.About a few good trends last month and told the Bank. Thus, the demand for foreign currency by the population in March against February of the current year decreased by 2.6 times. This contributed to the strengthening of the hryvnia, the course which the operations of banks for the sale of cash US dollar strengthened in March by 2.2%. The exchange rate of the hryvnia to the US dollar on the interbank market increased by 1.7%.Reduced the NBU and the volume of interventions by selling foreign currency in March to $1 billion 077,4 million, versus $1 billion 729,6 million in February. That allowed us not so much to reduce foreign exchange reserves of only $1 billion 66,52 million (for a $2 billion 361,69 million) to $25 billion 392.22 million while six of the currency auctions on the sale of foreign currency for the needs of Bank customers - individuals, the national Bank sold banking institutions $254,5 million and 1.8 million euros.Negative trendsHowever, all is not well was in the banking system of the country on other aspects.Today, support from the state, have asked for 26 banks, the money to support that yet. As stated by Advisor to the Minister of economy Sergey Yaremenko, today, even working in banks, there is a huge problem of non-payment by paying customers. All seek to extend their loans for 2-3 years and waive the payment of interest, resulting in volumes of repayment fall sharply, resulting in paralysis of the activities of banks. Therefore, if the state will delay the process of recapitalization of banks, payments crisis will be massive, and to restore the system will be impossible, he said.The yield on hryvnia-denominated deposits, as well as all other types of savings, the slowdown in inflation in March was, of course, a favorable factor. Of return for deposits in US dollars and euros in the past month, the revaluation of the hryvnia had a negative impact.The real yield at time of deposits in UAH under circulated in March rate of 23% per annum (1.9% per month) inflation-adjusted 1.4% became slightly above the February and amounted to 0.5%.Real return last month on deposits in foreign currency was negative. On March 1, the average selling rate of the dollar in exchange offices was $ 8.88 UAH/USD, 1 April – 8,29 UAH/USD, the fall of the dollar against the hryvnia – by 6.6%. At the rate for dollar deposits for individuals in 13% (1.1% in the month) and with correction for inflation, the real yield on these deposits amounted in March to minus 6.9 percent.On March 1, the average selling rate of Euro in exchange offices was 11,38 UAH/Euro, on 1 April of 11.08 USD/Euro, the decline of the Euro against the hryvnia per month by 2.6%. Due to the depreciation of the Euro, and also in view of inflation at 1.4%, the actual loss ratio for deposits in euros at the rate of 13% or 0.9% per month (rates on deposits in US dollar and Euro in the past month, almost on par) amounted in March to 3.1%.No luck also last month – quite unexpectedly - holders of savings in the Bank gold. As of March 2, the average selling price of this metal in the Ukrainian commercial banks amounted to 343,58 USD. per gram, 1 April – 315,39 USD. per gram, cheaper – 8.8% Real yield savings in gold with a decrease of costs and inflation at 1.4% was equal to last month minus 10.2 per cent.But good luck in March, finally, to the holders of shares of domestic companies. The PFTS index rose over the month - with 205.51 points on March 2 to 229.38 points – 1 April March, or 11.6%. Providing real yield such savings in the amount of 10.1% over the last month. In the first week of April the growth trend of index PFTS preserved.In March, fortune smiled upon the holders of sharesThus, the real rate of return provided in March only savings in securities (first place) and hryvnia deposits (in second place). The highest losses last month were savings in precious gold, then deposits in dollar, then deposits in the eurocurrency.A small positive shift was observed in March for those who invest in real estate. Falling prices, both primary and secondary markets, almost stopped, and in early April the prices even increased. For example, the average price of apartments in new buildings in Kiev rose from 1 to 7 April 2,66% to 13971 hryvnia per square meter, and in the secondary market – on 0,72%, to 2239 dollars per square.

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