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Weaknesses of Europe! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineCzech Republic butted big: about the weaknesses of the new steering Europe...Czech Republic butted big: about the weaknesses of the new steering EuropeKlaus let the gas conflict to chancePresident Klaus is convinced that the Czechs will not be able to change anything in the EUJanuary 1, 2009 France has handed the reins to the EU the tiny Czech Republic. Her first test – operation Cast lead in the Gaza Strip and the conflict with the taste of gas between Russia and Ukraine showed that the Czech Republic doesn't have enough experience and courage to repel the parties.The transfer of the Czech Republic the Chairman's powers in the European Union was accompanied by scandal: to extend the mandate of Paris for another year, against the country-rookie organized a "dirty" campaign.Over the ocean in The New York Times published an article with a terrible title: "the European Union will be headed by former Soviet satellite". The gist of it boiled down to: 10-million Czech Republic – member of the former Soviet bloc – not ready to stand at the head 470 million Europeans during the severe recession.The Czechs, reminds the edition, for centuries fluctuated between Russia on the one hand and Germany or Austria. The future of the EU presidency "awakened old national neurosis," said the journalist Dan Bilefsky, Recalling the emotional words of Czech President Vaclav Klaus about the Munich conspiracy of 1938 against his country. Klaus is convinced that Europe still govern France, Germany, Italy and Britain. The Czechs, he warned, should not think that they will be able to change something.To denigrate Prague, at the court of the Europeans rendered an internal political conflict between the government and the opposition with a hint that the EU can lead the country "without a rudder".Sugar helpThe Czechs were not born yesterday. On the evil plans of the French President responded with humor. Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, a Prince by birth, joked that if France will not give way, he will have a duel its President - Nicolas Sarkozy.In addition, on national TV released a video under the slogan "Add Europe". In the clip celebrities in the country, including hockey player Jaromir Jagr (now he is playing for Omsk Avangard club. - "NOW"), under the shadow of the Czech flag put the sugar cubes into cups of coffee or tea.Simple story – "sweeten" the lives of European policies, has caused a mixed reaction in the country. First, the turnover sweeten anything" in the Czech language has two meanings – ease, or, conversely, harder to do. Secondly, the eurosceptic Klaus not so long ago feared that his small country can be dissolved in the EU as a sugar cube in a Cup of coffee...Do not allow to freeze Europe!But European bureaucrats do not give up and put forward new claims to Prague.1. Fears that the Czech Republic does not have enough experience and courage to repel Russia, was confirmed in the first days.Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs Alexander Vondra called the dispute between Russia and Ukraine on gas prices and supply them to purely commercial conflict and added that the Czech Republic does not intend to mediate in it. According to the Minister, European consumers should not fear - gas storage in Central Europe filled.And this despite the fact that the Czech Republic from January 7 receives or cubic meter of Russian gas. Viktor Yushchenko, in a telephone conversation assured Claus that Ukraine is doing everything possible to ensure the transit of Russian natural gas to Europe, using, including, the Ukrainian gas from underground storages. But freezing Europeans such assurances do not apply.2. The Czech Republic has not ratified the EU Constitution, however, it will have to negotiate with Ireland, the failed Lisbon Treaty in a referendum. Eurosceptic Klaus has called the agreement a "dead" document, and the Czech Parliament has postponed its ratification in 2009.If suffering the agreement will enter into force on six-month rotation will be forgotten. Instead, it introduced the post of permanent President of the EU, and the Czech Republic soon will once again be at the helm of the EU.3. Czech Republic is not part of the Eurozone and not fit to run the EU during the global recession. "When everyone around you a headache, You don't want to follow the only one who says that he feels fine," said the chief economist of the largest Czech Bank Tomas Sedlacek.The criticisms in Prague reacted calmly, saying don't worry, the financial crisis hurt everyone, including the Czech Republic, as more than three quarters of its exports go to the EU.4. With the arrival of the Czechs to the authorities can aggravate an old argument, what economic model is best for the EU: social market economy, elected its new members, or state control over the economy, lobbied by France.Klaus, an economist by profession, has recently compared the methods Sarkozy with the "old socialism". Prime Minister of Czech Republic Mirek Topolanek convinced that state support for bankrupt banks is contrary to the European principles of free market.5. Between the Czech Republic and France have a long-standing conflict over the war in Iraq. In 2003 former Communist countries, including the Czech Republic, supported the USA started the war in Iraq, but Jacques Chirac, the then French President, advised them to learn to "be silent".6. Czech Republic engulfed in political crisis: the difference between the majority and the opposition in Parliament is a few votes. For two years there were four attempts to unseat the current government Topolanek.7. The weak point of the Czech Republic is the radar, which, according to the agreement with the Bush administration, must be placed in its territory by 2011. In Poland it is planned to place 10 interceptor missiles.Like Ukraine and NATO, the Czech Republic split on the issue of missile defense: the President and the Prime for the population (about 70%) strongly against.It got to the hunger strike and the Declaration of sovereignty. Two ordinary citizens – Jan Tamas and Jan Bednarz – in may this year, refused to eat, claiming to hold a broad discussion ABOUT the situation. In the area of the landfill selected for the construction of the radar station, the opposition announced the creation of an independent state Peaceland for citizens who oppose a military facility.About the claims to the Czech Republic said Russia and demanded the constant presence of your observers on the radar. Prague only agreed on the condition that "their presence will be impermanent." Americans washed his hands and told the Russians, the poles and Czechs to reach an agreement.From the split at the time of ratification of the Treaty on the radar of the Czech Parliament has saved Obama. Unlike Bush, he intends to seek a compromise with Iran and Russia. If the dialogue is successful, in creating a missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic may obviate the need.8. Another argument against the Czech Republic – the Pro-American sentiment in the country. Social Democrat Jan Hamacek, who heads the parliamentary foreign relations Committee, recalled that in the twentieth century, the three Americans rescued the Czech Republic and rest of Europe - in the First world war, during WWII and during the cold war."After what we went through under communism, we like the Anglo-Saxon model with its libertarianism and freedom - says Tomasz IIRC, the head of the Executive office of the mayor of Prague. – History shows that America solve the problem, but the Europeans remain passive".Unlike the French, "Europe's last dictator," Alexander Lukashenko eagerly awaited presidency in the EU. He promised to send the invitation to the extraordinary summit of the EU in the first half of 2009, if Belarus is to conduct democratic reforms. As you know, the EU foreign Ministers on 13 October, temporarily, until April 2009, was removed from Lukashenko ban on entry into the EU. The Czechs in Belarus has its own interest: the largest Czech company "Skoda" signed an agreement for the supply of engines to the Belarusian trolleybuses.Ukraine-Czech Republic: a crisis of confidenceFrom Czech Republic Ukraine regularly receives assurances of support for our evroustremleny. But further words business is not. Don't call Ukraine and the Visegrad four" (four countries – Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic – thanks to the joint efforts have achieved EU membership. – "NOW").In 2005 Klaus visited Ukraine and promised to legalize the Ukrainian "guest workers" in the Czech Republic. But it backfired: the employment Act established strict requirements for labor migrants who came from countries not members of the EU. Firstly felt these limitations, the Ukrainians, the Slovaks are the largest (over 200 million) the group of labour migrants.In 2005, Viktor Yushchenko promised to develop a new bilateral document that would legitimize the status of Ukrainian migrants in the Czech Republic, but things are there.

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