Deposits are returned to the banks! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Deposits are returned to the banks! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineThis year, the Ukrainians will return to the banks about 200 thousand secured cars. But to buy them on the cheap in the near future will fail...Ukrainians will return to the banks about 200 thousand secured carsThis year, the Ukrainians will return to the banks about 200 thousand secured cars. But to buy them on the cheap in the near future will fail"Lot number one, time, lot number one, two... Lot number one to three. Sold!" With the hammer Dacia Logan 2007 in the basic configuration. Her new owner Catherine Moshinsky hides your number and goes to make a deal. To Catherine riveted the attention of all others, because she was the first shopper on the ground in Ukraine auction secured cars."My husband and I are retired, we don't need much. And here I managed to buy a car very cheaply", - worrying, she says the Focus. For auto pensioner had to bargain, as a result, his price has risen from a base of $3 thousand to $5 thousand at the rate of NBU on the day of bidding, i.e. on 28 February.Dacia Logan is one of the most modest and cheap copies. Near the Parking lot there are 49 cars, loaned by the banks. Subaru Forester with a starting price of $26 thousand, three-liter Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon for $33.5 thousand, and many others. For a pass in the area of trading and the number of bidders, potential buyers have agreed to pay 100 UAH.However, in this format took place only a first, indicative auction - all other sales will be conducted via the Internet. The organizers of the auction have managed to implement the 22 car, but the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of "Car auctions" Paul hayday sure this is only the beginning. If you can negotiate with the banks and put the sale of secured auto on stream, the figure could rise several times.Confidence Paul Gaidai are not unfounded. Only for 2006-2008 in Ukraine has sold over 1.5 million new cars on credit - 43%, or 650 thousand By estimations "Automobile auctions", more than 162 thousand of them borrowers will be forced to return to the banks, and they, in turn, as soon as possible to turn them into money.Moreover, the forecast of the organizers of the auction - one of the most optimistic. Other market participants expect a return on the banks 200-250 thousand secured auto. For comparison: forecast of sales of new cars this year in the best case 150 thousand pieces.The second saleTo become an owner of a used car, or, diplomatically expressed as dealers, used cars, not necessarily to go somewhere. Enough to have a computer with access to the Internet and register as a member of the car auction. Bets can be made directly online and watch the bidding from your computer or mobile phone. Registration is free, 25 HR pay for the initialization of the auction.ReverseThe auction, of course, not the only way to buy mortgage car. Sometimes it is enough just go directly to the Bank. If six months ago, the financiers went on contact are not so willing, the situation is now changing. Many banks publish a list of collateral on their websites, and some even offer to leave the online application for the acquisition of property.Sale secured cars want to establish and car dealers. Moreover, they are willing to sell cars that are sold to their customers on credit."Now we plan to offer assistance to partner banks that gave them loans to buy our cars," says the Focus of the Chairman of the Board of JSC "Atoll holding" Oleg Boyarin. Because we know the cars, know the customers, because in most cases they have served us." According to Oleg Boyar, used cars in good technical condition, to provide additional guarantees and to sell within the auto along with new cars.To buy collateralized used car is possible and quite cheap. However, we are talking about the shadow schemes. "Near each ired now there is a booth that says "Exchange". Young girl sitting there, the electric heater is that she's warm", says General Director of Ukrainian Association of auto importers and dealers (the Association) Oleg Nazarenko. In such "institutions" sign of the exchange agreement on the sale of cars. The price of "Ford" or "Mazda" according to the documents, typically 50-100 UAH. "Technically it's legal," - says Oleg Nazarenko. - Moreover, I understand people who execute such agreements, as under the existing legislation, the state takes away the seller 15% of the money for the car, not profit".The tax on the car marketInstead of resorting to dubious schemes to sell the collateral of a car is very difficult. The fact is that when the legal scheme of the selling price of a used car is significantly increasing. Therefore, experts warn that despite an unprecedented number of returns secured machines, a sharp drop in prices is not expected.The problem is in the domestic legislation, says Oleg Nazarenko. "Today there is a stupid law, under which banks are not profitable under the law to pick up the car," he explains. First, if the Bank sells the car, he has to pay 20% VAT. A customer who has taken the loan, is obliged to pay sales income tax 15%, but again, this makes the Bank because it acts as a tax agent.If the implementation takes place through the Ministry of justice by auction, the firm conducting it, take 30% per unit of trading. In other words, the Bank loses another 30%. "As a result, the Bank receives the residual value of the car at 35%. That is absolutely unprofitable," - said Oleg Nazarenko.Disadvantageous in Ukrainian conditions and popular in the West, the system trade-in, in which people change your old car for a new surcharge. And thing is, again, in double taxation. The buyer, buying a new car, pay 20% VAT. After some time he wants to change the old car for a new one. But the dealership, buying an old car, need to pay VAT or pass this tax on to the purchaser. This nuance makes it unprofitable sales of used cars through dealerships.Look for a buyer yourself banks too. In addition, even the implementation of the vehicle is not always able to repay the lien debtor. After all, before selling the car need to be stored somewhere, to monitor its technical condition. Often, banks don't care about it, and the machines are unsuitable for storage sites, getting scratches and other damage.

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