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What store safer?! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineSavings: what store safer...Savings: what store saferIn December 2008 inflation in Ukraine continued its growth. The consumer price index last month amounted to 102.1%...Where to roll inflation?Thus, as reported by the State Committee of the statics of Ukraine. inflation in December 2008 was slightly higher than in November (1,5%), however, is exactly the same as in December 2007. The last circumstance explains the fact that annual inflation last month has not changed from the November value of 22.3%.The producer price index in December was 99.6%, and for the full year 2008 – 123,0%.What's the price?If in the beginning of 2008 the main inflation factor in Ukraine was the rising price of food, in recent months, the situation has changed dramatically. In particular, in December the food and non-alcoholic beverages price increased only by 1.1%.Stronger just went up in December:fish and fish products – by 2.7%;milk – 3.9%;eggs – 5.7%;oil – 4.3%;fruit – 6.1%;non-alcoholic beverages – 2.7%.However, something in the past month, even cheaper:sunflower oil – 7.8%;animal fats – 1.9%;sugar of 1.6%.Prices for bread and bakery products in December last year remained unchanged compared with November.Why inflation growsThe main causes of inflation growth last month was a significant increase of tariffs for housing and communal services (7.5%) and rising costs of imports due to the devaluation of the hryvnia.Most significantly, in December 2008, the prices of the types of utility services:- natural gas – 35.1%;- hot water and heating – 4.6%;- maintenance and repair of housing – 3.9%.Rising prices for imported goods following the fall of the hryvnia has led in the past month to price increases:apparel – 1.4%;Shoe – 1.1%;furniture, carpets – 2.7%;home textiles – 2.8%;home appliances – 6.7%;pharmaceuticals – 5.5%;vehicles – 2.9%;audio equipment, photographic equipment, computers – by 7.2%.From services and non-food goods fell in December only automotive fuel and oil – by 7.0%.The currency in which the Deposit?Significant growth in consumer prices in December, as well as the continued devaluation of the national currency are the causes of high real returns this month on deposits in freely convertible currency and loss of hryvnia deposits.In particular, the yields on local currency deposits even at 22% per annum – a rate close to this value, offered in December, the majority of Ukrainian banks did not provide a real rate of return taking account of inflation. Inflation is 2.1% higher than the amount of Deposit rates in terms of the month (1.8 percent), so really, the hryvnia depreciated deposits last month by 0.3%. We will remind, in November of hryvnia deposits secured, though not high, but the real yield (0.2%).The average buying rate of US dollar in exchange offices was on December 1, 2008 – 6,9138 UAH/USD, and on January 2, 2009 – 7,8357 UAH/USD. The strengthening of the dollar rate over the past month – 13.3%. Thus, the most common in banks rate on dollar deposits in December was 14% (1.2% per month). Given these parameters and with correction for inflation at 2.1%, the real return on dollar deposits amounted last month to 12.3%.The Euro rose to UAH last month 23.6% - average buying rate in exchange offices was on December 1 last year 8,7855 UAH/Euro, and on January 2 of this year – 10,8586 UAH/Euro. At the rate for deposits in euros at 11% per annum (0.9% in the month) and according to the December inflation real rate of return of such deposits last month was 22.1%.Bank gold cost of 1 December 2008 on average 158,6975 UAH per gram, and December 31 – 188,3583 UAH per gram. Thus, the gold price rose last month by 18.7%. The real yield on Bank gold taking into account growth of consumer prices in December by 2.1% in the last month was 16.3%.In December 2008, and in November, there was the growth of the PFTS index, which led to the real rate of return to holders of the shares of Ukrainian companies. On December 1, the PFTS index was recorded at around 282.0500 points, on 30 December (the last day of the stock market in December) – 301.4200, the growth index is 6.9%. The value of real income on securities is 4.7%.As you can see, the first place in real returns last month were deposits in euros, at the second – savings Bank gold sales, followed by deposits in us dollars, the fourth – savings in securities of domestic enterprises.

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