To take the credit! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

To take the credit! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineOur financial institutions are virtually eliminated its loan programs, but to borrow yet...Do banks still in debtOur financial institutions are virtually eliminated its loan programs, but to borrow canThe lending market at the time frozen on the "freezing point", began to show signs of life. They are not systematic or encouraging – their existence is too weak. But they are there.So, the borrower needed the loan. In what banks it can now apply (although not the fact that everything will turn out, since, according to unofficial estimates, up to 90% of requests remain unsatisfied)? Because the lending market is divided into segments, we will look at four main ones: mortgages, car loans, consumer loans, credit card loans.1. The mortgage is for people securedPerhaps the main sensation of the credit market was the resumption of mortgage lending. However, it should be immediately noted only in individual banks and only for clients, preparing mortgage loan from a particular Builder.This program, by the way, jointly with the State mortgage institution, began working in the "Kreditprombank": he credits the acquisition of real estate in the residential complex "Brest-Litovsk". But, to put it mildly, not loyal, and for affluent clients: an initial payment of not less than 25% of the price, the rest – in debt at 15% per annum in UAH.It is possible to arrange a mortgage and in the Bank "Kyivska Rus", but the proposal is very specific. Apartments sell only the urbanisation "Olzhyn grad", located in the centre of the upper town (15 minutes to the metro station "Heroes of Dnepr"), which belongs to the developer "Dniprozhylbud". Paying 20% of the cost, you can buy an apartment in one of four houses of a different height section type. Loan interest rate from 17% per annum.Other proposals in the mortgage market we were unable to locate.2. Car loans – used car buyUnfortunately, the program turned one of the major players in the market of car loans – "Index-Bank". And after monitoring, we found only one financial institution extending loans, the Bank "Forum". Of course, interest rates and the exchange, and on hryvnia loans is quite high, but for lack of alternatives for those wishing to buy a car in installments unlikely "to touch grub".So, on hryvnia loans, the Bank has the following terms:– new vehicle: first installment – 30%, interest rates of around 30% per annum, the loan term is 3 and 5 years;– used car loan cannot.For dollar-denominated loans:– the new car is foreign or domestic: first installment – 30%, interest rates of about 21%; the loan term is 3 and 5 years;– second hand car can be purchased.3. Consumer lending – under 73% do not want?This segment of the market is the most lively and diverse. In addition to direct suggestions and modifications.For example, the Bank gives out the consumer credits Under "confiscated". In other words, the loan for the purchase of confiscated from insolvent borrowers property (cars, furniture, refrigerators and freezers, cash registers and other equipment, etc.) can be issued, after careful verification of solvency.In PrivatBank preserved and loan programs with trading partners – large chain supermarkets.In "Partner-Bank" you can borrow with a Deposit. If the account balance is stored in the Bank a certain amount, then under its guarantee you can get credit.As for non-earmarked cash loans in hryvnia, according to the company "Prostobank consulting", the application can be submitted in four banks (all times listed are real rates):– "Index-Bank" – about 55% per annum, the maximum amount of 15 thousand UAH;– "Kredobank" is about 73% (depending on term of 1 or 2 years), the amount of 5 thousand UAH; about 45.5% (for a period of from 1 to 3 years), the amount of 30 thousand UAH (with a guarantor);– Swedbank Ukraine is approximately 65% (for 1 or 2 years), 15 thousand UAH;n OTP Bank – about 44% (1, 2, or 3 years), the amount of 25 thousand UAH.4. Credit cards – credit limit decreasedFor many borrowers "lifesaver" credit cards remain. However, not all banks who opened previously these products, keep them today. However, the market leaders – PrivatBank and Raiffeisen Bank Aval" – retain. Conditions on them has changed.First of all, Privat, previously staged several types of credit cards, now offers only "Universal", and the credit limit for new customers decreased to 1 thousand UAH, it also requires a complete package of documents, including proof of income.According to official data, credit card from "Raiffeisen Bank Aval" Bank will have to pay 26,9% per annum of the amount of the debt. But experts are predicting that rates on credit cards, and their service is more expensive.

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