How not to get into the mortgage maze? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

How not to get into the mortgage maze? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine"Market" are now considered mainly prices for mortgaged housing and flats, for sale by owners to exchange...Prices for apartments, "encumbered" the rent was twice lower than the marketFor the past six months, prices for Ukrainian secondary market fell by more than twice. No one is confused Dnepropetrovsk apartments at the price of $35 thousand, in Lviv - $40 thousand, in Kiev - $50 thousand Buyers at the crossroads: whether to consider the current level of prices bottomed? Because the market is more likely to appear even more interesting offers, at first glance, playing on a further drop in prices. However, as it turned out, cheaper in many cases is spurious.Old newOne of the most popular Internet resources discovered a scattering of advertisements for the sale of apartments in residential districts of the capital at a suspiciously attractive prices. One of the apartments offered for $15 thousand This despite the fact that even the most courageous forecasts of realtors regarding crisis prices for capital estate stayed for a minimum cost of $25-30 thousand pictures And really not up to this barrier. Checking a tempting offer, we found: actually you will have to pay much more. As the apartment was .In a mysterious announcement alarmed the phrase . Calling a phone number provided in the text, placed all points over "I". . The interviewee explained: the buyer becomes the full owner of the property, but the retiree will be living in it . For sale and donation purchased apartment would be banned, while it lives the ex-owner. pleaded with us, Elena.The offer of cheap apartments in the form of monthly maintenance of their sellers is not new for the Kiev real estate market, but in recent years it is becoming more popular. In order to earn money for a cheap housing solution for the people of Kiev on the market, new firms-intermediaries. While previously didn't really need much advertising, quickly realizing their housing through personal contacts, but now, with the growth of such deals, they actively inform themselves on the world wide web and on the pages of advertising of the press.For regions of Ukraine, this phenomenon is still a novelty. - shrugs Alexey Popov, Director of the Kharkiv Academy of Sciences . Similar to the response we received from players of the real estate market of Dnepropetrovsk, Lviv and Odessa. However, experts do not exclude that soon the idea to sell apartments of pensioners in two-three times cheaper and get to the regions.The problematic character of such transactions is obvious. Because no one can guarantee, for how long you will need to pay the previous owner, and decide if he can regain housing speculative by. Those who are willing to risk, I advise you to carefully examine the terms of the contract.- warned by one of the intermediaries for the sale of housing to pensioners. .Mortgage mazePrices for apartments, rents, was twice lower than the market. now considered to be mainly rates on mortgage housing sold by the borrowers, ready to bargain, to pay off the loan, and flats, for sale by owners for the purpose of exchange. In other cases, sellers prefer to wait out the crisis and simply take the apartment off the market.The value of real estate collateral, which is publicly offered for sale by banks , often even too high. compared the average prices for housing and flats provided on the websites of several major banking institutions. It turned out that position in the latest price often $10-20 thousand more expensive than a similar apartment (see ).Since the beginning of this year the price for the Ukrainian real estate is temporarily stabilized in anticipation of further developments, primarily in the foreign exchange market. - says Alexey Popov. - And then much will depend on the economic situation. If the dollar continues to rise, potential buyers who have funds in a foreign currency, will be waiting for further fall in property prices. If the economic situation is stabilized, and the real estate market will begin to recover>.

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