Cottages near Kiev's still a dream! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Cottages near Kiev's still a dream! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkrainePriorities when choosing a country estate buyers has changed!Sector cottage in Kiev is only in the development stage. But, despite this, capital is surrounded by about fifty of cottage townships, which are in various stages of completion. The current settlements have a number of shortcomings : first, a lot of which can be seen, which is quite modest in its parameters territories built too large cottages. Secondly, many cottages are located so close to the highway, and the idea that the countryside is the unity with nature, don't even think of.Even the developers themselves agree that the first cottage villages came out not very successful, as they did not have enough experience.For companies the main objective was to earn as much money as possible on a new sector of the real estate market, and for buyers to make a fashion purchase that will sparkle in front of friends. Then they did not care architectural style of the acquisition, its comfort and how much fresh air you breathe. The main selection criterion was the size of a country house – up to 2.5 thousand square meters, so crying about the welfare of the owners.However, in the last 10 years, buyers have been different tendency and different priorities in choosing a country residential property. Now, they began to worry about the comfort issues of new housing for daily life, of warmth and comfort, and the availability of resource-saving technologies.The target audience of customers also changed, they were much younger. If earlier the country was interested in real estate, mostly 40-year-old business that has a good welfare, but today it interested young married couples whose combined income may not exceed 5 thousand dollars a month.The architecture of the buildings is also determined by their new owners. Basically, they prefer classic style without any frills, so developers can withstand a single concept-towns, as can be seen by unified color scheme of facades and roofs.Virtually all private country houses include fireplaces, saunas, swimming pools, bathrooms on all floors and, at least, two living rooms.But, city residents are still afraid of frosts and bad weather, so in winter, moving back to Kiev.A very important part of country life for buyers is the availability of good infrastructure :* supermarkets,* hospitals,* kindergartens in the cottage,* fitness centers,* entertainment centers.But for now, it remains a dream.Some developers promised the presence of educational institutions in the town, but to justify this project must have a sufficient number of children of school age living there.Plus, investing in the construction of such towns, prefer to minimize the risks, so they are interested in small projects in which we are talking about building a total of 30 hectares. And this is not enough in order except for plots with houses, erect and other infrastructure.Competitive chip developers in the Kiev region, today is your passport to the environmental cleanliness of the building area. The investor pays such expertise, specialised companies, to tell them there is now quite a lot. Getting a similar conclusion about the ecological cleanliness of the area, where a cottage settlement, a corresponding advertising campaign.As for the cost of private ownership in a rustic cottage of the Kiev region, which on average is 1.5 thousand USD/sq. meter. It looks quite attractive, as the minimum housing prices in the capital's buildings are 2 thousand USD/sq. meter.

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