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Housing privatization: a new song about old! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineThe reason was the new year hype created by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, by the resolution which was established...Housing privatization: a new song about an oldThe law of Ukraine "On privatization of state housing Fund" entered into force in 1992. However, this topic has not lost its relevance.The reason was the new year hype created by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the resolution of which was to set a deadline for circulation housing vouchers to 31.12.2008 year, which in turn was regarded as the completion of the process of housing privatization. Whether so it actually? On this and other matters related to the privatization process, gives answers "Prostobank Consulting".About old: housing privatization indefiniteThe Verkhovna Rada just two weeks before the New year made a truly priceless gift for Ukrainians. The legislator in its resolution of 17 December 2008 no. 674-VI cancelled the decision of 21 December 2000, citing the fact that in the law of Ukraine "On privatization of state housing Fund" the period of use of housing vouchers for citizens to exercise the right to privatize housing from the state housing Fund is not installed.Accordingly, at this point, all who did not manage to privatize their apartment until 2009, can calm down and conduct this process at a convenient time. And those who desperately ran to classrooms in the new year's eve, trying to catch up to exercise their constitutional right, can only shrug, contentedly looking at the evidence on privatization of housing, dated last December 2008.And yet, those who have not became the proud owner of privatized housing, do not delay this process indefinitely, because the domestic legislation is unstable and who knows what other changes can we expect in the near future.New: privatize dorms1 January 2009 entered into force the Law of Ukraine "On ensuring the housing rights of residents of hostels", allowing for the privatization of the Dorm room. In order to acquire property held in a Dorm area must meet at least the following conditions:to live on it for at least 5 years;to be registered at the place of residence;not to have another of their own homes.However, under no circumstances it is impossible to privatize the room, for example:in dormitories intended for temporary dwelling in connection with the education, retraining or advanced training, in educational institutions and in connection with the work (service) under the contract;in the case of living in a Dorm without a legal basis (without official registration of residence);in special dormitories intended for temporary dwelling of the persons who was serving a sentence in the form of restriction of freedom or deprivation of freedom and the need to improve housing conditions, or living area which temporarily inhabited;in the hostels occupied by military personnel, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine,in hostels that have a social status at the time of entry into force of the Law,in hostels that are lawfully on private property, including transferred to the territorial communities in permanent or temporary use. To protect the housing rights of inhabitants of hostels, to prevent their eviction from the occupied residential premises, to prevent the alienation of dormitories, which were built with public funds, the Law establishes a three-year moratorium on the alienation (except for the transfer to the municipal property of the respective city, town, village councils).The privatization of residential premises in the hostels is done by a free transfer to citizens based health standards 21 sq. meters of total area for the employer and each member of his family and an additional 10 square meters per family. The excess of the total area of residential premises may be sold to citizens of Ukraine who live in these dwellings. For the privatization of residential premises in the hostels are used for housing receipts in the manner prescribed by the Law of Ukraine "On privatization of state housing Fund taking into account the residual value of the privatized residential premises.Citizens who privatized residential premises in hostels, acquire a right of co-owners of a subsidiary (non-residential) of the common areas in the hostel is proportional to the square of the privatized their living space.To privatize or not?The legislator has left the citizens who did not wish to privatize their housing, acting in accordance with the Housing code of Ukraine the procedure of receipt and use of accommodations on the terms and conditions of employment.But we should remember that the person who privatized their housing, has much greater rights than the person who refused from privatization.Rights of the citizens living in non-privatized apartments and the tenants of these apartments, limited to the possibility of sharing an apartment with another employer (employers), the surrender of the apartment to sublet. The employer also faces the possibility of being deprived of tenure in case of absence in it for more than six months without good reason.The tenant can be evicted without the provision of alternative accommodation in the event that an order is invalid, and in the case of systematic deterioration of housing, use it for other purposes.In addition, the owners, including privatized housing can create associations of apartment owners - legal entities, the purpose of which is to assist owners to use their own property management, maintenance and use and indivisible common property.The main activity of the Association is to implement a function that provides the implementation of the rights of owners of premises in the possession and use of the common property of the members of the Association, the proper maintenance of the house and local area, assistance to members of the Association, in obtaining housing and other services of appropriate quality at reasonable prices and meet their obligations related to the activities of the Association. The Association may conduct business activities to ensure their needs either directly or through contracts with individuals or legal entities.A member of the Association may be natural or legal person who is the owner of the apartment or premises in an apartment house.Management and indivisible common property of the residential complex by the steward by proper maintenance of the housing complex and to ensure appropriate conditions of use own and indivisible common property of the owners; raising the necessary funds to conduct the current and capital repairs; reimbursement of damage caused to the property which is on balance of the Association, or timely application to the court for damages by enforcement.Thus, every Ukrainian with housing, can make the choice to privatize housing or not.

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