When to resume mortgage lending? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

When to resume mortgage lending? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineRecent strong appreciation of the local currency has given the opportunity to speak again about the reality of the return of mass crediting of the population.However, the views of bankers diverge: some argue that lending will be in six months at least, others that the loans in the required amount will be resumed only after a few years... closer to 2012.So far in the market of loans major changes are not observed, although partially restored previously opened credit lines. As noted by the adviser to the Chairman of the Board of Ukrgasbank" Alexander Okhrimenko, new loans are not what is not given, but rather reluctant, because the actual rate at 30% per annum will be interested in.However, analysts say the positive news, the market - recovery of loans to individuals, even in this area of business there is a significant problem. "A number of banks already offers individuals loans at current market interest 20% per annum in UAH. But the volume of such credits is very low," emphasizes A. Okhrimenko.According to the Chairman of the Board of Bank "Forum" Yaroslav Kolesnik, the means by which banks extend loans at the moment are quite expensive for the banks themselves and, ultimately, for the population: "the Means by which we engage today are unacceptable to the lending of the population - they are too expensive. There are today borrowing more than 20% (e.g., deposits attracted by banks - ed.) that have predictable levels of inflation, which should be covered by the interest rate and the terminal value of loans is higher than, say, normal lending on mortgages".The banker notes that in order to reopen and run the credit, you first need to reduce the cost of credit funds, but to talk about the full flow of lending is possible only through a minimum of six months. "We need to resolve the issue of cheaper resources, and then may be lending. Perhaps, at the end of the year. This optimistic vision," he says.Not so optimistic opinion of the Chairman of the Board, subsidiary Bank of "Sberbank of Russia" Igor Yushko. According to him, the condition for restoring lending should be consumer demand due to rising incomes, which, in turn, are provided with economic growth. However, the rise of national economy in the next six months is not planned."In order to lend money to people, must be the same two factors. First, sustained growth in consumer demand and incomes, i.e. wages, and industry are supported exclusively on economic growth", - said the head of the management Board of "Sberbank of Russia". And adds: "Because in the next at least six months (very modestly), economic growth is not expected, it will not grow and incomes".Also I. jusko notes and the need for funds from banks for loans, and it is the hryvnia, because of loans in foreign currency banks practically refused: "banks should be long resource for consumer Finance topics for people - auto, mortgage... the fact that the hryvnia is not, and annual hryvnia. And credit in the same amounts in foreign currency - all already understood how dangerous it is".The banker predicts that the reality of implementation of the above conditions may appear only after several years, closer to 2012. "For these factors coincided, in my estimation, a minimum of three years under conditions of coincidence of certain conditions," emphasizes I. jusko. So, first, we must change the trend of economic decline in growth, the second is to create in UAH long-term credit or investment resource, which may appear after the end of the second stage of the pension reform. "I don't think that will be soon resumed lending at the same levels as previously. And there's no emotion, it's perfectly simple economic things," he concludes.At the same time, in the opinion of the adviser "Ukrgasbank" A. Okhrimenko, the situation with lending in the near future may improve if the NBU will launch its decision N262, which will enable the banking system with cheap money at the expense of the NBU refinancing.

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