What will save America? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

What will save America? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineThe U.S. President has repeatedly said that the main objective of the program of revival of economy to create and save until the end of 2010, 3.5 million jobs. Consumer spending are the main...Case utopayushihWhy America will save the tax cuts, the growth of social benefits and construction of roads. Legislators have coped in record time: on approval of the bailout needed only one month.Barack Obama has achieved initial success as President of the United States: the anti-recessionary program, the adoption of which was awaited in America, and abroad, approved by the Senate. The package in the style of the "New deal" Roosevelt provides huge social spending, public investment in infrastructure, tax incentives. Save cost the economy $787 billion Americans hope for an economic miracle.Need a jobThe U.S. President has repeatedly said that the main objective of the program of revival of economy to create and save until the end of 2010, 3.5 million jobs. Consumer spending is a major driver of the American economy, so unemployment for the US is not just a social problem. A new wave of layoffs means a new reduce: as a consequence of lower prices for products and business losses. In the States are afraid of occurrence of protracted deflation, which Japan could not cope for more than ten years. Therefore, Obama urged the Senate with the adoption of anti-crisis program. Legislators have coped in record time: on approval of the bailout needed only one month.The text of the document took more than a thousand pages. On the eve of voting joked that not every Senator will master this monumental work. The victory of Barack Obama was not easy. The authors of the project has cut the total cost of $38 billion to win a few more Republican votes. To please had not only politicians, but also the main trading partners. In the final version of the bailout, Americans have softened the wording "Buy American" that caused a stir in Europe, Japan and China. The U.S. has pledged not to provide patronage to their producers, if it goes against international trade agreements.Large expensesTo save its economy Americans plan three main measures: the implementation of infrastructure projects, increased spending on social protection of the population and lower taxes. The cost budget for the construction and social benefits will exceed $500 billion, while tax breaks will cost the U.S. Treasury $282 billion projected budget Committee of the Congress, already by the fourth quarter of 2010 due to the infusion of funds into the economy US GDP will grow by 1.2 to 3.5%. For the year, you should receive from 1.2 million to 3.6 million jobs.The bet has been made on the investment. About $200 billion States spend on the improvement and modernization of infrastructure. In particular, the $30 billion earmarked for road construction, $18 billion - for the development of public transport and rail, and another $19 billion on sewage treatment plants and flood protection.About a million jobs will be generated by tax incentives to businesses that will be able to hire new employees. Consultants, accountants and lawyers are rubbing their hands in anticipation of the queues of customers. Independently to understand all the tax concessions proposed by the American legislators, will not be so easy. The Senate and House of representatives have legislated more than a dozen initiatives that mitigate the tax burden for both individuals and for companies.The most expensive item on which the budget will lose $116 billion, relates to the reduction of income tax for individuals for $400-800. In addition, 26 million Americans will be exempt from the alternative minimum tax that will cost the Treasury $70 billion of Tax incentives are available for large families with low income, College students, real estate buyers and new cars. Overall about 95% of taxpayers received benefits.For companies also developed a package of economic incentives. Companies will be able to quickly write off the equipment using accelerated depreciation. It is estimated that this measure in the next two years will allow the business to save on obligatory payments to the budget of $38 billion Franchise will get a company planning to buy back its debts. The amount by which reduced their debt as a result of debt restructuring, temporarily not taxed.Companies with turnover of up to $15 million allowed to transfer the losses of 2008 from the previous five years to reduce the tax base. The resulting overpayment of taxes the company will be able to get from the budget. In the original version of the anti-crisis program the norm to be used by large companies, but lawmakers had to abandon this idea - it is unreasonably costly to the budget.The lion's share of social expenses provided by this program will be used to increase unemployment benefits for 20 million people. For the implementation of programs of vocational training and reducing the number of unemployed will allocate $43 billion, $15.6 billion on grants for admission to colleges, are available to students from families with low incomes. Lump-sum payments - $250 - get the elderly involved in the program social. Nearly $90 billion allocated for the payment of health insurance for the poorest sectors of the population. Americans who have lost their jobs, the state guarantees compensation 60% of health insurance for 9 months. By the way, the reform of health insurance is one of the priority tasks of the team of Barack Obama. In the US, about 47 million people live without insurance because of the high costs of a company are not interested in insurance.No less ambitious Obama's plans and to strengthen U.S. energy security. Even during the election campaign he made a bid for the development of alternative sources of energy. The U.S. President promised that by 2013, the share of renewable energy in total energy consumption will increase to 10%, while the cost of electricity will decrease by 15% by 2020. It is time to fulfil election promises. Under the anti-crisis program of the company, engaged in the development of alternative energy sources and implementing energy-saving technologies, will receive tax relief in the amount of $20 billion. in addition, the modernization of the electricity industry and the introduction of new technologies in this area will contribute about $30 billion Investment to provide jobs to half a million people.In debtThe authors of the program of economic recovery expect spent every government dollar will add to U.S. GDP and a half. But, according to economists, this is too optimistic forecasts.

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