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Scandyline budownictwo! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineThe capital city Council on the year's last meeting tabled the controversial construction project...Near the European square wedged 47-story luxury home, and on Poznyaki - luxury 5The capital's city Council tabled the controversial project of the construction of a 160-meter complex on Kreschatik street, 5. After much debate and intermediate mass competitions, which lasted more than five years, the chief architect of Kiev Vasily Prisyazhnyuk still gave the nod to the development of vacant land in the heart of the capital.On the site of the former restaurant "Capital" about the European square and right next to the current hotel "Dnipro" will construct a 47-story multi-stage combination of living and "candle" with a total area of about 190 thousand square meters.The skyscraper will be higher not only of Ukraine, but even the bell tower of Kiev Pechersk Lavra, the newspaper "Blick". Earlier, in April 2007, the city Council banned the building in the centre of the building is 23 floors above. But President Viktor Yushchenko's decree of 20 August last year lifted the ban on high-rise construction in the city center.In the 47-story "the candle" will place dozens of apartments and luxury apartments. On the lower levels will be spas, boutiques, cafes and restaurants. In addition, in the underground part of the building is planned 4-level Parking at 1130 cars. For entry and exit of cars will build 4 underground sleeves with access to the Grushevsky street and downtown.According to Andrew Pashenko, one of the authors of the project, the skyscraper is going to finish in 2010. And underground boutiques and Parking - up to 2012.In the front part of the building, also with access to the Khreshchatyk, build a 7-storey 5-star hotel is Ritz Carlton". At the request of the representatives of the hotel chain, first in Kiev at the hotel will build two ballrooms. Some architects have even started to joke that compared with this skyscraper scandalous house on the Grushevsky street, 9-a, like "stall selling Shawarma".However, still needs approval by the Ministry of regional development - initially the complex was supposed to be 130 m, but brought it to 160. Say, most likely, add 30 floors will allow. Construction management contract work should conclude regarding protection from landslides.Around the corner is the old building of the National art Museum or the people "house with lions" of the famous architect Gorodetsky. Museum Director Marina Skirda says that the skyscraper they are not threatened, as it is located far enough.In addition to the giant on Khreschatyk street, the capital's architects took the project of complex building of two microregions of dwelling array Poznyaki (Darnitskiy district). Nothing special designers the audience is not surprised: in an area of about 7 ha company "Kyivmiskbud" will build five houses.The second stage is bigger, and involves the construction of the infrastructure: high school 1080 students, art school and kindergarten. Traditionally here will build Parking lots, buildings, domestic services and shopping centers.Overall, the project everyone liked, but he was asked to modify a little. For example, to make the house not as the same type, to provide the public gardens and the way the entrance of ambulances and firefighters, as well as to leave space for the planned metro line Troyeshchyna-Osokorki. In addition, the district must build their own fire station.Note that the number of people living in the metro will increase significantly, but on the discharge of public transport in this district until nothing was said. It is worth noting that through crude-Pechersk metro line (where the station "Poznyaki" and "Osokorki") operates a total of 189 trains, note that by Svjatoshinsko-Brovarskoy line 288 runs of the trains, reports the website of the Moscow metro.Recall that the highest building in Ukraine is also on Poznyaky. The huge building is composed of two parts of different heights: in the middle - 36 floors on the sides - 24.

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