Real estate prices fell to the level of BTI - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Real estate prices fell to the level of BTI - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineFirst apartment in the market can prove to be the same cost or even cheaper than its assessment in the certificate of BTI– The difference between the price of the apartment and evaluation of officials – a total of 17 thousand, – says Olga Samoilova, a resident of Brovary. When the apartment was bought, it cost us almost $70 thousand, or 350 thousand hryvnias at the rate of one and a half years ago. According to the reference from BTI, it was worth somewhere around 170 thousand UAH, as it is a new building in a good location.This figure does not even too interested in the contract been the other, the real amount. But two months ago, the neighbors who have the same apartment as we had to put it on the auction, and yet they were offered $24 thousand, is 187 thousand hrn, reports Infobud. Interestingly, while BTI somehow adjusts its estimates? Because it is often these figures contribute to the contract and they also pay taxes.According to the Deputy Director of the company "Altair-group" Oksana Kuznetsova, need to clearly separate assessment of old and new houses:– When it's an old house, carrying his values were computed by the housing Department, and this is often a ridiculous amount. Before the bridge could be evaluated before and 4-5 thousand. But the coefficients of calculating the carrying value of change. For example, a few days ago was sold to a luxury two bedroom apartment in Obolon, in the young house (7 years old) for $300 thousand. While its cost from the BTI, albeit not comparable with the market, but also a lot to 290 thousand.Recall that in the contract of purchase and sale of property may be only the amount that is not less than the carrying value of housing in the certificate of BTI. Often, to save on taxes, buyers are asked to in the contract entered an amount less than that which is paid in reality. It turns out that somewhere between the actual amount of the transaction and state the cost of housing. This economy has its disadvantages:– Those customers who want to sleep peacefully, contribute to the contract the money spent. Despite the fact that they have to pay 1% royalty and 1% in the Pension Fund, " she said Kazantsev. But in case of surprises – for example, if someone tries to challenge the transaction – it is possible to return all the money spent. If you make back the price of housing, the proposed BTI, then by the court would only be compensated for it.As we have explained in the company "BTI Consulting, the carrying cost of housing, too, "depreciated", including by reason of changing market conditions. However, for the new rules. Now the developers pass the house on the balance sheet at the prices, which are considered independently. The housing office no longer has a relationship to this process. Therefore, apartments in new buildings even according to the BTI is not cheap.– I had twice to sell the apartment. First, the old dormitory, when five years ago I bought a Studio on the campus. Then sold and her parents ' apartment to buy a house in the suburbs, says Kiev Anton Plesko. – In the last trade was surprised that "three" in a typical house in borshchahivka, built in the late 1970s was estimated to be 28 thousand, while the one in the new building on the campus is 120 thousand hryvnias, quotes Infobud. In the contract I these amounts in any case not made, and recorded a real price – but the difference is impressive.Moreover, according to realtors, there is a possibility that the carrying amount calculated by the developer a year ago, may be higher than the market value of this home today.But the apartment can be overstated, it has a soothing effect on the hot line of the company "BTI Consulting". – For this purpose it is necessary to order an expert assessment. Even if we are talking about a new building. Repeated evaluation can be in the BTI, where a certified expert. Furthermore, it is now not uncommon for new houses put in operation without expert evaluation of each apartment.

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