The government buys three Bank! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

The government buys three Bank! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineAfter only seven months, the government decided to capitalize the first three banks. Yesterday the Cabinet decided to allocate 9,57 bn. to buy controlling stakes Ukrgazbank, Rodovid Bank and...the Bank "Kiev".According to Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, at Ukrgasbank the government for 3.2 billion USD. get 84,21% of shares in "Rodovid Bank" — a 99.97% 2,809 billion UAH., and the Bank "Kiev" — of 99.93% 3,563 billion UAH."In fact, today these banks are state-owned. The government together with the national Bank have to do everything to demonstrate the success of these banks and the success of this project... will Need some time to study the assets, financial situation, balance sheets, special additional audit. And after we will be able to organize the work in these banks, they can begin to fulfill obligations to customers," said Ms. Tymoshenko.Traditionally, the Prime Minister added his PR, saying that the government is not obliged to redeem these banks. And did it, rather, of their own free will, from the concerns of ordinary people. "We are unable to observe how actually destroyed data banks",— inspirational she said.She added that the rest of the week should be completed all the details of the paperwork and beginning next week the new managers on behalf of the government will begin to work in these banks. Over time, Tymoshenko promised, banks will be resold at auction.The names of the managers of the future Prime Minister did not name. They could not voice the source of the "i" in the Cabinet. However, he stressed that "the discussion is at the highest level and a long time ago".According to him, the money must actually be listed in three banks before the end of June. After that, the source said, for some time in banks will hold the interim administration — until then, until the new Board will take the case and to get acquainted with the state of Affairs in the institution. He admitted that as yet there is no clear, defined development programme, none of the seven banks that were supposed to recapitalize.Yesterday it became known that from the 9th of June, the NBU has introduced a temporary administration in the UGB. Together with the Bank "Finance and credit" this institution until recently remained in the hands of private owners. However, the order of state participation in the capitalization of the banks approved by the government on April 17, clearly States that in the Bank-the applicant must be entered temporary administrator. According to the Director of the Directorate of banking regulation and supervision of the national Bank Vasily Pasichnyk, V. a temporary administrator appointed Alexander Sokolov.According to the document, then all agencies will be the cancellation of the authorized capital, which will result in additional issue, which resulted in the state for government bonds will buy new shares. The source of the "i" does not rule out the possibility that these actions may be dissatisfied with the current minority shareholders of banks. "From the fact that they will sue, it is impossible to insure. But nothing — if it happens, will fight back in the courts," he said.The fact recapitalization caused a wave of accolades in the expert community. The head of the NBU Council Petro Poroshenko strongly endorsed the government's decision. He stressed that this step will significantly improve the confidence in the banking system as a whole and not only to these institutions.".

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