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Banking Now in its third month "Ukrprombank" and a number of other banks do not pay..."We want our money!" Banks massively "throw" the elderlyNow in its third month "Ukrprombank" and a number of other banks do not pay pensions — they say, no money. In the best case give the elderly crumbs and fed "Breakfast". How is the bankers crisis, its institutions need to be rescued, and the fact that older people have nothing, they are not interested. The authorities sympathize with the elderly, but instead of help, I advise you to wait. But taken to extremes elderly handcuff myself to the batteries.Day of Kyiv pensioner Raisa Dmitrievna starts at two o'clock. Not because the woman can't sleep — just at this time, you need to take place to try to receive a pension at "Ukrprombank". Two months, despite the cold and bad weather, Raisa Dmitrievna and hundreds of other seniors come to the Viticulture Department of the Bank in the hope of getting their money. At best, people give 200-300 hryvnas, and that those who came early. The rest go home empty-handed.Night shiftsThe journalists visited near the office at eight in the morning. There were already about 60 people. People in the queue with their families, for themselves and friends — while one is on duty, others may run to warm up.— Came at six in the morning, and already thirty-nine! "says 67-year-old Andrei Marinich. Three weeks begging under the Bank, and managed to get only 200 USD. When he became angry, got nasty and got kicked out. And all because they are coveted for their interest. We were promised 15% per annum is quite a bit more than other banks.Try to complain To 30 January at the Ministry of labour and social policy of Ukraine operates a toll-free hotline, where individuals can complain of delay in the payment of salaries and pensions. To receive the detailed information by phone 8-800-507-30-90. Ask questions relating to the payment of pensions, at 8-800-500-39-20. As of March 6, the state allocated for the payment of pensions 5 714,2 mn. It is only 43.1% of the necessary funds. Enough money to 10 March inclusive. According to the Pension Fund, through the banks to receive payments more than 30% of pensioners, and more than 4 million citizens. All 94 people are working with financial institutions.According to the pensioner, during the two years that he receives a pension, never had any problems. The wife of the man also transferred to the Bank their savings. But now the couple has no money even for food " they exist as they can. In the future I decided to get the money through the mail and in the Bank they can not entice.A similar situation exists not only in the "Ukrprombank". In "Nadra" too not all is well. The pensioner Anatoly Bondarchuk for the past month unable to pick up his pension. Says, several times went to the office, but every time there explained that there is no money. Then just offered to make a request, saying, when will the money, will get back to you. In the end, Anatoliy has been waiting for three weeks.A couple Warining "lucky" twice: Love Varinia receives a pension through "Ukrprombank", and her husband — through Nadra. Before some time the couple lived on a pension of the husband and the wife Finance deal. But when Nadra stopped giving money, I had to go to "Ukrprombank". But there it was.We arrived with my husband at Obolon with Winegrower. Well, if they give at least a couple of hundred, " says the 70-year Love Varinia. — And here, as told by friends, several times gave a thousand UAH. But, alas, the money was not enough. Well, at least the fare is free, but the housing office won't tell you that do not give pension, they are instantly in the debtors will enroll. Yes and need to buy food, and now we take only the most necessary.Pensioners go to extreme measuresWhy people can't get a Bank to its rightful pension? We posed this question to the staff of several departments of "Ukrprombank", but the answer is not achieved — nobody knows anything. Only the cashier of one of the branches at Obolon on the go threw what they were given the order to issue 200 UAH. And with the cashier and bribes are smooth. Pensioners, in turn, believe that all the fault of employees of the offices. Angry people started to chain themselves with chains and handcuffs to the battery, and the doors of the banks, demanding to issue deposits.Such cases in Ukraine over the past few months have been about five. So, recently in Sevastopol elderly man after unsuccessful attempts to withdraw the Deposit has chained herself to the stair railing "Ukrprombank" and swallowed the key. In this regard, in some offices began urgently... to get rid of batteries and handrails. "New" looked into one of the troubled banks. On the walls a bright spot are the new white panels covering the battery.Discreet trying to find out the battery has broken and so it was decided to close? Smiling girl explains: panels installed about two weeks ago, and for some reason nobody told. The guard is also one of the branches in Zhytomyr told us that the Bank where he works, first, too, urgently began to close up any suspicious irregularities. And secondly, the guy was summoned to the regional office for a "conversation".— The representative of the Central security service all strictly instructed: to closely monitor incoming, especially with bags and bags, " says our interlocutor. — Not afraid of terrorists, but pensioners are worse than thieves.

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