Housing fraud in Ukraine - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Housing fraud in Ukraine - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineIt is considered that the simple citizen of Ukraine's poor. However, it is not. Many citizens own real estate property: apartments, villas, plots. Here on this same capital and hunt scammers.What you need to the apartment changed hands? Yeah just a bit. Need the presence of the owner in the office of any notary. Civil passport, legal documents for the apartment (the purchase agreement or certificate of title) and the technical passport of the apartment (issued by the Bureau of technical inventory).The notary will register the new contract of sale and give it to the new owner. Here comes the payback. With the new agreement and the registration certificate, the buyer goes to the Bureau of technical inventory (BTI) to obtain a new registration certificate in his name.Only here's the thing: real property right to apartment moves, not the notary, and in the BTI after re-registration. These are crooks. They may have a notarized copy of the documents to the apartment. And while You go after the transaction, the BTI, scammers can sell one apartment several times. And in BTI pretty tough schedule. On weekends and holidays will not be accepted. So the scammers often sell their apartments in anticipation of those days.What can help here a real estate Agency? Unfortunately, almost nothing. Though You and assure that the transaction is safe, but really their help in this situation is limited to presence and psychological support. Agents advise: go faster in the BTI after the transaction. And really need to leave his man and not let the seller with money from the office of notary public as long as You do not submit the paperwork in the BTI.How else can gently take away Your apartment? Using a forged signature.One of my friends had such a case. He lived on earth and did not use a cell phone. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there came to him a certified letter. A letter requesting to pay the debts for telephone calls in accordance with signed agreement. In the amount of $300. He said that no agreement was signed. I replied to him show a photocopy of his passport and his signature on the contract. Someone who received a photocopy of the passport, for a bribe put a fake signature on the contract on his behalf. The attacker said on the phone for a tidy sum. And I had to pay to one who has not watched a photocopy of your passport. There was a trial. The judge ruled: the signature is correct – pay.And in real estate. Scammers hunt for originals of Your documents to the apartment. And a photocopy of Your passport. They just need to know the number of a passport and obtain a specimen signature.How often confiscate from the owners of the original documents for the apartment? Offering real estate Agency services on the so-called contract of exclusivity. Agents say they will not be deceived. Because the Agency values its reputation, and the notary is also an honest man. This is certainly true. Not all agencies are cheating. There are honest. But it's all people. And people prone to human error. If they received Your documents in the original, then technically Your apartment may just be taken away at any moment.If real estate is not going to steal Your apartment, why it really wants to pick up the documents? So You are unable to sell the apartment without their services. It's their insurance will receive royalties from the sale of Your apartment. And nothing more.To take Your documents, agents apply a number of psychological techniques. I will cite some common variants of the linguistic traps.First of all, note that almost any of Your objection the agent will answer with a question: "Why do You think so?". If You begin to answer this question, You almost got caught. Further along the logical chain You will be led to the fire". Why do You respond? Are you going to justify to the agent? You don't want to give him the documents – and to the point. The conversation is over.If You are still hooked, and You start making excuses, then the conversation could go on about this channels:1. You said that, working with one Agency, would lose a stream of possible buyers – real and from other agencies.Their answer: "will Disappear only foreign agents posing as buyers. Still their was 90 %. Why do You need to transform the apartment into a thoroughfare for people without money? Why do You waste your time on phone calls with agents? What is more important to You? The number of people that watched or profitable sale? We cooperate with other agents.

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