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KITCHEN MERX, PUT ON YOUR APRON! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineApron. He is also the "problem area". He is also a space at the plate and working surface. He is a "headache" mistress, because it requires frequent washing. What he looks like? Different...Although the kitchen is quite modern utilitarian space, to cook the ladies still have. And in the process of cooking no-no, smashed fatty droplets in different directions from the plate, Or the sauce will squirt or... And the hood doesn't always work and doesn't always cope. In short, the traces of cooking often remain not only in the plate, and on nearby surfaces. As a General rule -- the kitchen backsplash is the space between the kitchen cabinets and stove, work surface, sink. Since this area is not very big, it is a continuation of the working area. And it could be registered not as the whole kitchen, but purely as a work area. In addition, properly designed apron will decorate the kitchen, a kind of "wall" decor. Only the decor but this has to be the most practical – it is on the apron fall ü fat spray, it absorbs cooking aromas, it should be washed more often than other surfaces.THE OLD-FASHIONED WAY.The most usual option for finishing apron - ke ceramic tile. However, all degree NY kitchen decorate not necessary — the material shall it cool and fully tiled kitchen will resemble either the bathroom, or operating. Only the working area, decorated ceramics, and will look win gresno - always neat, always shines (even if opaque) and as part of the decor. Try not to choose large tile modules for headlightstuck — in a small space, they look too massive. Too small (oblong strips or mosaic) would ripple, and the joint between tiles is more difficult to wash. Optimum warrant — squares 10x10, 1 5x1 5. Color may repeat the General background walls or floor. It is better that he was brighter shade of facades — space is then a visa will seem more real. Well on the apron will look decorative tiles: engraved, handmade, inserts of other material. Do not get carried away, "spotlights tuk" is a work area, not a showcase. Budget version - adhesive tape. It is easy to clean, do not kN em different colors and with different patterns. Choose closer to one another and to last a long time. Decent STV with this solution is the low cost and ease of hanging. Disadvantages weight — long lifetime, you looks very primitive and categories rejeski not suitable for good furniture will spoil its appearance.FASHIONABLE, BUT...Recently, a very popular finish of natu RAL materials: cork, BAM beech Wallpapers, Mat. Especially in kitchens, where the hostess prepares't cha hundred. Undoubtedly, bamboo Wallpaper will give any kitchen a cozy and very good for ethno-style. But these materials are porous, so they absorb numerous the smell of cooking are better than others. Yes, and fat droplets in them remain. Wash this "apron" will have special tools thatwill not suit every woman. Therefore, this apron is suitable for homes where the kitchen is used as a place for coffee and tea ceremonies. In addition, for pasting tube or BAM Buka you need a specialist, so they do not lose their appearance. In fashion and natural stone - material shall also natural, and Homo mu and capricious: porous, light scrap stone can be traces, and wash it with a special soft means. Natural stone will add elegance most practical kitchen, only just advantageous it will be to watch Xia in large, spacious kitchens with island layout. "Apron" of granite or marble will be chapters decoration of the kitchen. Only if you are already using the stone in the Department Kyo "apron", should I repeat somewhere else in the interior.EXCLUSIVE.Various commercial positie materials - artificial tion stone used to make countertops or sinks are also successfully used in the design of problem areas. It can be various shades, with or without a pattern, may be a continuation of my Ki or countertops. Well will enter Xia in almost any modern interior, low maintenance and does not require special skills to style. The cost of this material above the tile or tube, but a little lower on moralnego stone. However, love the teli classic interior it may seem a bit "plebeian skim" - artificiality will not hide. In the kitchens of high-tech can be found aprons made of metal - practical, stylish, but very individual. Cold Shine of metal, be it silver or gold is not always combined with a cozy kitchen. Because of this "exclusive" agree not many, it can be more costly natural stone. Metal choose fat, but strengthen it as well need a specialist. Picking up an apron for problem areas in the kitchen, remember that it should" be the same as the apron the lady of the decoration, but very practical.street Demekhina, 27Studio kitchens merxPhone: 38 (0642) 53-10-55Mob.: 38 (095) 608 57 60merx1@net.lg.uastreet, 12Studio kitchens merxPhone: 38 (0642) 61-69-52Mob.: 38 (095) 223 43 25Fax: 38 (0642) 61-69-52merx@net.lg.uaAlways available and under the order in g.

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