Kiev realty unexpectedly rose in price - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Kiev realty unexpectedly rose in price - news about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineOn the suburban real estate market marked a slowdown in falling prices in all segments, suggesting a possible stabilization of the market. The city market of real estate in April unexpectedly...demonstrated growth of prices, many surprising players of the market. This was reported in the company "Knight Frank".City housing marketIn the segment of elite real estate in Kiev was marked by a trend change, so the change in the price in April was 4.5% compared to the previous month. The average prices for may 1, 2009 were recorded at $8083 per sqmAccording to analysts the company "Knight Frank", in the segment of residential business class price changes for March amounted to 3%. The average prices for may 1, 2009 reached $1944 per sqmCountry marketThe suburban market is experiencing a slowdown in the fall in the value of households. At the beginning of may 2009 the average price in the segment of elite cottage villages are located at $2949 per sqmAccording to analysts, the decline for the month was less than 3%. In the segment of cottage settlements economy class average price in April was $1175 per sq m, unchanged versus March on 0,88%.Land marketIn the analysis of land market of Kyiv region are monitored land area of 15-30 acres (purpose – under IIS, earth garden associations).As predicted earlier, the land market shows the greatest rate of decline in prices. On may 1, the price of land averaged $4128 for a hundred. The decrease for the month reached 5.5%.ForecastsIn April, the suburban real estate market was characterized by a mixed trend in the number of cottage townships with a high stage of readiness was recorded the increase in value, while others with the aim of attracting potential buyers continued to lower prices.According to analysts, is Confirmed by the forecast "Knight Frank" about the development of elite residential market of Kiev – is a limited supply of "elite" before other segments, was released to positive development.On the market of suburban real estate price correction to the downside during the second quarter of 2009 will not exceed 5-6%.

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