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How to The survey showed that of all the possible consequences of the financial crisis is most Ukrainians fear...How to "cash in" on the food crisisDomestic producers will benefit from higher prices80% of Ukrainian agricultural producers only 40% use their capabilitiesThe survey showed that of all the possible consequences of the financial crisis is most Ukrainians fear the reduction of current revenue (33,5%), job loss (22.6 per cent) and the criminalization of society (17,0%). Fourth place in the ranking of the crisis fears took a coming famine food shortage fears every 16th Ukrainian.Fears of Ukrainians are not groundless – that the population of the planet expects the food crisis, from time to time declare, both domestic and foreign experts. Can we say that the hunger in the world is our near future? What are the chances of Ukraine to be in a new environment one of the main exporters of food? Whether it is advisable in such circumstances to produce biofuels?Hunger where $2 a dayExperts are unanimous in the financial crisis of 2009/2010 marketing year will end with a significant shortfall of cereals and oilseeds in the world. The main problem experts see in the limited access of farmers to financial resources that will eventually lead to the fall harvest.According to the press service of the Association "Ukrainian club of agrarian business" (UCAB), wheat production in the world in comparison with 2008/09 my next year may be reduced from 676 to 627 million tons, with stable consumption. But even if we assume that, in 2009/10 my, the world demand for wheat will remain at the level 652 million tons, global wheat stocks will be reduced from 140 to 115 million tons. If we add to these calculations possible weather problems, protectionist measures by many States during the financial crisis, speculation on global commodity markets of agricultural products, we can say that the higher prices for some foods - moderate 30% to 100% - is inevitable.However, about the famine on the planet to speak prematurely. "Hunger awaits a country where per capita income below $2 per day," said the President of UCAB Alex Lissitsa.Hunger itself is really typical only for the poorest countries, agrees with the expert head of the analytical Department of the consulting Agency " AAA " Maria Kolesnik. But the food shortage, she said, beginning to be felt in the world long before the crisis. "This is due to both population growth on the planet, and the fact that the most rapidly growing economies – India and China – large pace increasing standard of living. This has led to rapidly increased demand for food, primarily meat. The growth of meat production in the world pulled a feed, which puts additional pressure on the grain markets – corn, wheat, barley. Add to this the high price of oil, and as a consequence - increased attention to biofuels," explained Wheeler.And even the fall in oil prices, the expert believes, will not reduce the interest in biofuel projects in the near future.Ukraine can win...In the circumstances, the Ukrainian producers will be able to become one of those who will benefit from the global increase in the prices of agricultural products, convinced Lissitsa. However, he said, to make a profit, it is critical to improve the efficiency of production - about 80% of Ukrainian agricultural producers only 40% use their potential."Ukraine today has a leading position in the export of oilseeds and cereals. You only have to hold on to these positions. It all depends on how will be the spring field works, will our farmers to sow enough space cultures, because today manufacturers need to hope only on own forces. February and March will be critical for them for months: if they don't buy enough fertilizer will not prepare the material and technical base, problems will arise. But if you can handle this, plus the weather will be good, we can go to last year's exports," - said the President of UCAB. And, as prices are quite different, of course, our businesses will benefit, the expert adds.... and maybe loseExperience shows that Ukrainian producers all the time something interferes. In the past year to take full advantage of the situation they did not allow government restrictions on exports, this year the financial crisis. But even with such a tangle of problems, in this marketing year Ukraine exported record kolichestvo grain, says Kolesnik.In 2009, the year the grain harvest in Ukraine will be reduced to 41.9 million tons, predicts the Tymoshenko government. This is approximately 14% lower than in grain harvest in Ukraine in 2008. But the domestic consumption of grain in 2008/09 MG increase slightly until 26,415 million tons against 26,096 million tons last season.However, yield reduction and consumption growth - not all the problems. Export opportunities of Ukraine may be limited by other factors. For example, the lack of carriers quarantine import permits and phytosanitary certificates makes to return the goods back to the country.Dangerous call for Ukraine – and the conversations that are currently underway with American farmers about the cultivation of GM wheat. "GM wheat on the world markets not so much, and if we will begin to allocate significant funds to this direction, it is possible for domestic producers - at the very least, a reason to think," concludes Wheeler. Already today we can definitely say that neither Europe nor America is that wheat will not be there - GM grain will go to the markets of poorer countries.

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