Banks conspired about real estate prices! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

Banks conspired about real estate prices! - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineThey don't want to throw out on the market flats, houses and land, which take in the repayment of problem loans. About it has informed a competent source in one of the system institutions...Banks hiding the real estateLargest banks held an informal consultation, during which we agreed not to bring down the prices. "To not derail rates, banks will hold the apartment until recently. At meetings of Sergey Tigipko (head of Swedbank) at the time discussed the proposal that the largest banks have agreed not to sell the collateral. Seems to have the bill on the same subject," he said.Obviously, he was referring to the draft law "On the protection of property rights of citizens in the period of recovery of Ukraine's economy from the financial crisis" No. 3459-1 from December 19, 2008 Deputies Anatoly Semynoha (BYUT), Vladimir Danilenko (the Communist party) and Mykola Shershun (Bloc of Lytvyn) explained that the mass appropriation of housing in the conditions of crisis can lead to social unrest."For the period of recovery of the Ukrainian economy from the financial crisis introduced a moratorium on the acquisition by the mortgagee or the mortgagee's rights of foreclosure on the collateral or mortgage if the subject of the pledge or mortgage is a residential property in which reside the citizens",- it is proposed in the first article of the bill. In the second article it is proposed that the completion of the recovery of Ukraine's economy from the financial crisis was fixed by a decision of the Verkhovna Rada on representation of the Cabinet.Yesterday the Association "Ukrainian credit-banking Union" (UCBU) stated that as drafted, the bill could lead to the destruction of the banking system and deepening of the crisis phenomena in the economy as a whole."The project is not provided, which will be met the legitimate demands of creditors for the return provided to the debtors of funds... the Enshrinement in law of the prohibition on assignment of the mortgage may provoke unwarranted massive defaults financially sound borrowers... in fact, the developers of the bill seek to solve the problems of the borrowers for the account of the depositors of banks",- consider in UCBU.Instead, the Union proposes to introduce a temporary moratorium on evictions in 2009-2010 - and that's if the mortgage interest is paid in a timely manner, and the debt restructured under the agreement with the Bank.The interviewed bankers said that the agreements between the banks can be. According to the Director of the collection company "Delta-M" Vyacheslav Golub, each Bank will have to pursue their interest.Other disagrees with the announcement of information referred to the websites of banks, which exhibits a lot of apartments. "How hold, if the property is sold?" "asked one expert.At the same time, bankers do not rule out the possibility of holding real estate. "I know that PrivatBank is now actively takes apartment, but if he sells them, don't know," said another expert.Golub acknowledged that while the property does not appear on the mass market. "First, the significance of such collateral to the borrower is always higher than the machines. Secondly, real estate is too complicated procedure of foreclosure of the pledge," he explained.Other experts acknowledged that the banks themselves can decide not to sell items too cheaply. "Apartments can be divided into two groups - favorable and problematic. It's one thing when a loan is $30 thousand, and the market flat cost $50 thousand is Definitely profitable to sell. Another thing, when a loan of $180 thousand, and now the apartment is worth $70 thousand.

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