How to get from the state apartment? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In Ukraine

How to get from the state apartment? - News about real estate, Kiev, Kyiv region. Real Estate In UkraineTo get an apartment from the state today is likely, but difficult to impossible. How to do it?The cost of real estate in Ukraine today is virtually indistinguishable from the cost of apartments in the United States. 115-thousand dollars from the U.S., you can buy an apartment on the ocean, and in Kiev in any residential area. To collect such amounts, will need more than a dozen years. Our only hope is to get an apartment from the state, which rarely pleases the waiting list and beneficiaries.Who is supposedThe state provides a flat only in "extreme" cases. According to article 47 of the Constitution: "Citizens who need social protection, housing provided by state and local governments, for free or at available checkout. The so-called "free" housing is provided:1. Orphans or children left without parental care. After school they have the right to receive at least one of their rooms.2. The tenants of the damaged or uninhabitable homes.The room is considered unsuitable if it is life threatening. The decision of emergency housing, according to the "Housing code of Ukraine, adopts a special interdepartmental Commission, which includes representatives of the local administration and the competent authorities supervising sanitation, fire, environmental safety. Buildings are considered emergency in several cases: the first category includes buildings are fragile and unreliable, threatening to collapse due to physical wear or any damage. The house, located in zones of a descent of landslips, debris flows, snow avalanches, flooding flood waters, (for example, Railways) are also recognized as life-threatening.The second category includes, for example, basements, attics and other rooms that are included in the common property of the residents of an apartment building. Dangerous deformations of foundations and walls, rotten wooden structures, electromagnetic radiation and harmful substances in the air or soil, noise (for example, Railways) are some of the reasons for the early demolition of houses and relocation of residents. If the apartment is damaged by fire, earthquake, explosion, etc. and to repair the house difficult or economically impractical – it can also recognize uninhabitable.3. Heavy patients who needs to live separately from other family members.For example, if in a Studio apartment live five people, one of whom is sick with tuberculosis, the state must isolate the rest of the family from future infections by giving them a separate housing.4. Citizens in need of better housing conditionsRepresentatives of the first three positions have the right to obtain housing out of turn, the fourth position must take their place and wait for the bright future. However, the concept of "out of turn" does not mean "immediately". Applicants for the urgent resettlement of many, and free apartments little. Because in Ukraine was formed, the second turn, only moving twice as fast as the first. It is believed that in Kiev maximum time to wait in the General queue is 30 years, and in grace - 15 years. Who is eligible to enroll in the General queue for the apartment?5. The family, which becomes in turn on gospodarek should be considered poor. Today in the queue for housing, which stretches back to the days of the USSR, worth 2.5 million Ukrainian families.In determining the minimum level of supply of residential area is taken into account minimum wage, minimum pension, minimum wage. For example, if some can get the apartment, having (5-6-7 sqm on one person who lives in an apartment), the other under these conditions will never have it.Let us consider one of possible variants. Since in the capital limit registration limited to seven meters, in Kiev, the family of a wealthy residential area of 6.5 sq palagano housing from the state. Interestingly, if this family moved to Ternopil, she can't stay in line, for the reason that there is "metrazhny minimum is six six metres. It should also be noted that in accordance with the regulation approved by the Executive committees of Ukraine on housing are not taken into account ablebodied individuals, not engaged in public works.By the way, in some countries, the housing area of the apartment is provided depending on the number of the family.In order to determine if you are a free apartment from the state, you need to keep in mind that in addition to the footage, taken into account the total family income. And the more tenants in the apartment, the higher the income. So, who our government recognizes the poor?Everything is difficult, and each case is considered individually. Use the following formula: value of all property of the family is summed up with total income of all family members for a maximum term of expectation of the apartment – so we have a living wage. If the amount received is not enough for a new apartment by the standards of provision (7 sq m per person) or a mortgage, a family record in the poor.Average subsistence minimum in Ukraine is 714 USD.When deciding on statement in the room turn take into account the following income:* salary from all jobs;* pension, welfare assistance, unemployment benefits and severance pay;* income from the rental of apartments, garages and other real estate and* transport and mechanical means;* income from the sale of products with the infield;* income from the harvesting of mushrooms, berries, medicinal plants, etc.* hunters income from the sale of its production;* income from work on contracts, royalties, alimony, income share,* interest on Bank deposits etc.Also take into account the value of the property owned by the family or its individual members. Thus, the evaluation is conducted:* residential houses, apartments, villas;* cars, motorcycles, boats and other vehicles;* Antiques and art, jewelry, household items made of precious* metals and stones and scrap of such products;* shares in housing construction, garage construction and dacha cooperatives;* deposits in banks and other credit institutions;To hide additional income from earnings, Bank account or cottage inherited from her grandmother, not worth it. Officials from time to time will check your financial condition. And if you find that you have entered the inspector astray, you'll lose your place in the queue for social housing. Other penalty for such fraud is not yet available. If the family income after some time increases, and it ceases to be poor, it is excluded from the queue.Where to go and what documents to gather?Need to improve the living conditions engaged in the Main housing. The rules that guide it management, document provided by the Rules of registration of citizens who need better housing conditions, and providing them with housing areas in the Ukrainian SSR and the Resolution of the Executive Committee of the Kyiv city Council of people's deputies and of the Presidium of the Kyiv city Council of trade unions from 15.07.85 No. 234. According to them, on the housing register in Kiev take individuals who need improvement of housing conditions, constantly living and registered in the city at least five years. This term does not apply to cases of registration of a spouse, minor children and incapable parents.To get a "free" apartment following documents are required:* Photocopies of passports (page 1 and page with registration) all adult family members who are on cartouche* Photocopy of marriage certificate or divorce* Photocopy of birth certificate of children* Certificate on Form No. 3 (from LEC )* Proof of previous residence if at the last place of residence is registered after 1992.* If someone from the family members who wants to become on the room account, has or had a flat or a house which belonged to him, you must provide a copy of the document of title: certificate of ownership, contract of sale, deed of donation and so on* Certificate of employment (place of work, position)* Documents that give the right to the benefit: medical conclusion WCC(Medical Advisory Board) a copy of certificate of combatants, the disabled veteran, the family of the deceased, disabled children, disabled employee, injured in the accident at the Chernobyl NPP 1 and 2 categories and so on* Application form Form No. 1 (on acceptance on the housing register). Issued by the inspector and is filled according to the pattern. Signatures of all adult family members who are on the housing register and the date of completion are placed in the presence of the inspector.* The application is accepted only if all required documents.* Three sheets of A4 paper, two envelopes with stamps. All documents submitted in the paper folder-the folder.To get a free apartment from the state today it is hard to impossible. To collect some documents will take at least a month. You need to be ready to bounce recall, large expenses.

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